AUGUST 28 2019


A nice, shiny award from CommArts, exciting new Craft features, and dog-shaped hotels


News: We received an Award of Excellence from Communication Arts Magazine

Of the 3,663 entries to Communication Arts’s 60th Design Annual, only 132 were accepted across 16 categories—and only 13 awards were given in the Integrated Branding category. Our work with for Saint Kate, the Arts Hotel, was one of those 13. Click to see the pretty hunk of metal we’ve got in our office now!

Credit: Rubin typeface

Type that means more

“Tré Seals started a type foundry called Vocal Type with the aim of creating typefaces that reflect a more diverse perspective. In his words: ‘This is a type foundry for creatives of color who feel they don’t have a say in their industry. This is for the creative women who feel they don’t have a say in their industry. This is for the creative who is tired of being ‘inspired’ by the same creations from different people and wondering why.’” Rock the heck on.

Credit: Mailchimp Presents: Outer Monologues, Molly Bingham animated by Frances Haszard

Love the concept, love the it all

Outer Monologues is an animated series by Mailchimp. Each episode illustrates how featured individual’s (feature film director Jay Duplass; journalist, photographer, and filmmaker Molly Bingham; playwright Ngozi Anyanwu; and 20-year-old chef Flynn McGarry to name a few) inner monologues are often different from what they present to the world.

Big shout out to the folks workin’ hard over there at Mailchimp. This is too cool.

Credit: Craft


Introducing GraphQL and Headless Mode. Go on—learn all about ‘em.

Credit: Airbnb

Can’t fully make sense of this but I approve (the dog’s name is Bob, by the way)

Happy belated national dog day. For the small fee of $132 (starting rate), you can hang out in a dog-shaped hotel. Kind of weird. But still neat nonetheless.

Credit: Emily Bogle/NPR

Bid summer farewell with this bittersweet playlist

I saw on the internet today that the longest, coldest winter we’ve seen in a long time may be a thing to brace for. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Anywho, listen to this "Bye-bye Summer” playlist and revel in the glory that is Chicago at its best.