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MAY 25, 2021


We’re swiftly approaching June. For this last May week, we’re slinging a handful of articles on accessibility, mental health awareness, and even some press on a brand new project. Three cheers to all the sunshine you can get without falling victim to sunburn. Until next week—


Links That Kept Us Reading

Credit: Ravi Vasavan
Designing for Deaf Power is a conversation with London-based designer Ravi Vasavan about bringing your identity to your design work. Dive in deep.
To a surprising, and almost humiliating extent, some of the gravest problems we face during a day can be traced back to a brutally simple fact: that we have not had enough sleep the night before. Maybe we all should go to bed a smidge earlier tonight?
Chicago poet José Olivarez speaks on a topic I feel like everyone needs to hear right about now: have some compassion towards your rough drafts.
Does your family have it’s own nuanced lexicon, too? You’re not alone. Have some fun reading about the psychology behind these little language pockets.
We know it, we hate it: Burnout. But what does it really look like? Can it be described universally? Project and Program Manager Donna Bungard weighs in.
Inspirational and aspirational branding. The Meteor is advancing gender and racial equity through their visual expression.

News: Branding the Future of Logistics for Flexe

We’re pleased to announce that Flexe, an innovator in flexible logistics solutions, has unveiled its new brand identity.

Flexe delivers technology-powered, omnichannel logistics programs to enterprise retailers and brands, providing flexible solutions for eCommerce fulfillment and distribution. Integrating technology, open logistics networks, and elastic economic models allows Flexe customers to move fast, at scale, and with precision.

This past spring, the Flexe team came to One Design to craft an impactful and differentiated brand experience—one that more accurately champions the industry leaders that they are.

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