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FEBRUARY 09, 2021


Make sure to “view the full version” of this mailer to get a lovely list of links, information about some studio job opportunities we’re hiring for, and a new Micro-conversation with Creative Director Becky Sanders. Enjoy!


Links That Kept Us Reading

Credit: Matt McCarthy
Polar temperatures bringing you down? Artist Matt McCarthy’s surreal, giant cat landscapes somehow make everything seem a little sunnier.
Sydney Skybetter details how choreography can help robots come alive in this short op-ed. And yes, he references Ex-Machina.
Judging by the Cover is a project aiming to highlight race bias in Design book publishing through data visualization. Motivated by the lack of Black figures in the Design Publishing field, “the aim is to open up dialogues and nurture a better future for Black students and professionals.”
Here me out. It’s cold. It’s not ideal. Would I do just about anything for more sun and temperatures that don’t dip below 30 degrees? Yes. But Chicago Magazine has made a big, fun list of all the ways we can reclaim winter. So...I’ll bite.
Colossal interviewed Tonika Johnson about the Folded Map Project and it’s a “must-read.” Spend some time with this one.

Current Openings

We’re so excited to share that we’re looking for an experienced Creative Director and Senior Project Manager to join our eclectic group of researchers, strategists, designers, writers, and developers!

Most of you have been with us for a while now, but if you’re new to this corner of the internet, we’ve explored the intersection of experience and technology—where powerful brands come to life—for over a decade. We work on all sorts of projects for organizations and businesses from small, local, and boutique to some of the largest companies (and brands) in the world.

Are you intrigued? Do you know someone who’d be intrigued? Learn more about each position (and get the link to share with your friends) below.


Micro-conversations spotlight the unique perspectives of our team members through splices of candid chats—reflecting the spirit, story, and point-of-view of all the voices of our studio.



“At the end of the day, I want our clients and their audiences to feel just as connected to the work on an emotional level as we do. That’s been my journey: making design connect and resonate with humans, because otherwise, what’s the point?

When we’re talking about the main mode we use to make those connections with our clients—sharing the work—instead of saying presenting, I say facilitating. Today, most of our engagements with clients are 10% about presenting and 90% about engaging, collaborating, and having a conversation.

To get that solid 10%, it means not working until the final hour without having any chance to actually process what and how we’re communicating—selling through—our vision. There needs to be time to process, and reflect, and rehearse the share-back of the work before we can facilitate.

The worst presentations have been the ones that aren’t engaging—the ones where we didn’t leave ourselves enough time to really think about the people on the other end. A significant growth area for many people is figuring out the right way to showcase the work’s vision. And it’s not a one size fit all approach.

When you get more experience under your belt and become more senior, you realize the thing you’re designing and presenting is equally as important as the way you design the presentation of it. That’s been huge for me. That realization didn’t flip on like a light switch—I’ve always been aware of that—but as I get better at it and as the years go by, I realize how much more amazing the work is if we can consider both pieces.”
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