JUNE 24 2020


Black-owned businesses in Chicago, the Latinx Design Directory, and all your WFH questions answered (no, really...all of them)


A list to keep comin’ back to

It’s by no means exhaustive, but definitely worth the look and follow-through. 

Credit: Hilton Als

Read this forever relevant and important personal history

“She longed for black people in America not to be forever refugees—confined by borders that they did not create and by a penal system that killed them before they died,” Hilton writes of his mother. Take some time with this one, folks.

Credit: Latinx Design Directory

A beyond necessary and well-designed design resource

An irrefutably valuable tool. Get exploring. 

Credit: Brandpad: Massimo Says

Who knew a fiesty design-focused text generator could be so fun?

Brandpad did! Forget “Lorem ipsum.” Say hello to “Massimo Says” for all its tongue-in-cheek glory.

Credit: Veethee Dixit

If you’re looking for a handy list of tools, your search ends here and now!

The graphic and the headline says it all. What are you waiting for? Get to readin’!

Credit: Toggl

Questions about WFH, answered

Talk about an exhaustive list. “[Toggl has] compiled everything [they’ve] learned from the last seven years of remote work experience and distilled it into [their] ultimate guide to working from home, covering everything from making sure your team is communicating to designing the optimal office.”