FEB 12 2019


Printing and politics, an interview on variable type, and an argument against quitting coffee cold turkey

Credit: A spread from Incoherence of the Intellectual by Fredy Perlman

How politics and design and printing intersect

Take a deep dive into the beginnings and legacy of The Detroit Printing Co-op—a collective responsible for the “production of tens of thousands of leftist books, pamphlets, and posters from 1970 to 1980.”

Credit: Radio

The past, present, and future of IoT

Anything that is in your home—thermostats, doorbells, refrigerators and even toasters—that has network connectivity is part of the “The Internet of Things.” So what’s yet to come? How are our devices going to get even smarter? Read on.

Credit: Dalton Maag: Aktiv Grotesk

Shout out to our wickedly talented friends over at Dalton Maag

Wired interviewed Dalton Maag’s creative director Bianca Berning on “type's most exciting innovation—where it came from, how it’s made, who its key players are, and where the medium might go next.”

Credit: you start writing, Edmund de Waal, 2019

Frank Chimero claims he’s a “caboose guy”

“Web design conventions are cruel and ironic,” Chimero says. “Look at header navigation: take the hardest thing to decide, then put it up top and in front, so it becomes a tempting place to start. It’s a trap. Trust me: design the footer first, then simplify it to make the header navigation.” Interested in navigation? This piece is for you.

Credit: Abdulrhman Al Shidokhi/Getty Images

Caffiene addiction? Here’s an arguement for not quitting cold turkey

Learn everything you’d ever need to know about that thing you drink every morning, the less tangible withdrawal symptoms, and why, just maybe, moderation is the way to go.

Credit: Jessica Lehrman for The New York Times

If you’ve never listened to Best Coast, now’s the time

Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast has been quietly strumming along, frequently overshadowed but never unheard. This Times profile on her, her career, and what’s to come gave me all the warm fuzzies. Worth the read and the listen.