JULY 17 2019


The mental health app dilemma, an interview with Airbnbs in-house design lead, and Tarot-o-bot

Credit: Samantha Mash

Are mental health apps helping or hurting?

“Even if Talkspace doesn’t tell Facebook that Jake Bittle said he felt depressed on Monday while sitting on his Brooklyn couch, the non-identifying data still provides tech giants with precious information about people who are, in the eyes of the company, just consumers,” Jake Bittle writes. “‘That’s too bad about my data,’ you could imagine someone thinking, ‘but maybe it’s worth it if the apps actually help?’” Read on to make your own assessment.

Credit: Peter Arkle

Calling all fellow multi-taskers:

How do we do it? Why do we do it? Here’s some convincing data that says we should probably kick the habit.

Credit: Andrew A. Wagner

Translating digital to physical for Airbnb

“In 2014, [Airbnb created an in-house team] responsible for the look and feel of each Airbnb office space—[and] at the group’s helm is husband-and-wife duo Aaron and Rachael Harvey.” Magenta was able able to catch up with Aaron to talk about “what it’s like to manage a 15-person architectural design studio in an over-3,000-employee technology behemoth, and how bringing the digital world to life is trickier than one can imagine.”

Credit: Mary Lou

These inner-image scrolls are smooooth

See it to believe it, folks.


Something astrology-adjacent? Count me the heck in

Fun internet games, plus a little bit of magic, plus a really engaging digital experience? Yes. All the yes. 

Credit: Kyle Berger

We’ve got “truth” on the mind

“Growing up in Canada, in what he refers to as ‘an aging cookie-cutter suburbia-derivative that sustained itself with local Taco Bells and Walmarts,’ Kyle Berger developed a ‘sarcastic viewpoint on the modern North American’s relationship to big business.’ His Photoshopped photographic compositions offer a sardonic exposition of the absurdity of this brand of commercial capitalism.” Take a look.