APRIL 01 2020


Accepting change, promoting positivity, and so many “Just For Fun” articles

Credit: New Philosopher

On practicing acceptance of what we can’t control

“And yet, despite preventable and unpreventable change staring us all in the face (perhaps almost literally when we look in the mirror), many of us act much of the time as if things will stay more or less the same...we all ought to be more sensitive to how change is all around us and within us, and openly acknowledge it. Perhaps that was part of [pre-Socratic philosopher] Heraclitus’s wisdom, that we need reminding of something that is in a sense obvious: change will be a feature of all our lives.” This one is short, sweet, and very much worth the read.

Credit: Anne Helen Petersen

Good (and warranted) grief

It’s okay, and recommended, to grieve our lives as they once were. Anne Helen Petersen writes, “Like all calamities, it has the potential to force us to reprioritize, well, everything: what are needs and what are wants, what is actually necessary and what is performative, whose work we undervalue and whose leadership is actually bluster.” She also lists out a few things that have helped her remain calm. Take a look.

Credit: Claudia Pazzaglia for Stay Sane, Stay Safe

Promoting positivity through fun, impeccably designed posters

Max Lennarts and Menno de Bruijn of Lennarts and De Brujin explain there are three main goals of Stay Sane, Stay Safe: to receive, create and share uplifting and thankful messages to our caretakers, lifesavers and hospitals; to educate others to take this whole thing more seriously; and to stay indoors as much as possible, but also to keep smiling. If you’re looking to build your portfolio and make a difference in the meantime, here’s your chance.

Credit: The New York Times

Accurately charting the week’s unemployment claims

The Times gave over the right column—the most important real estate on a newspaper’s front page—to a graphic element that shows how unemployment claims during the coronavirus pandemic have skyrocketed in the United States.” See it, absorb the shock, and give our friend graphic design a little head nod for doing its job well.

Credit: esri

See COVID-19’s impact on your county, live

Very grateful for thorough, interactive graphs and charts these days. Especially this one. Stay informed here.

Credit: The Quarantine Times

How to practice healthy media consumption in these times

The Quarantine Times is an “expanded conversation and publication project designed by team members and friends of Public Media Institute (PMI), the nonprofit that runs the Co-Prosperity Sphere, Lumpen Magazine, Lumpen Radio (WLPN 105.5fm), and eventually, the new Buddy space at the Chicago Cultural Center.” Worth the follow, folks.

Credit: Andy Friedman

A written ode to TV’s best female anti-heros

There’re a lot of fantastic new seasons of shows to stream right now, but I’d love to offer up the option of binging all of Sex and The City again. Here’s an article to prove why that option’s worthwhile. That is all.

Credit: CNN

This ivy-league “happiness” course is now streaming online

Run, don’t walk, to your computers to register for this course.

Credit: Adam Yafai

Our very own Michael Ramuta on making pizza

“We’re all stuck inside for a bit, so this seems like a good opportunity to make some pizzas. I know it may seem intimidating to make your own pizza from scratch, but it can be very rewarding, fun, and somewhat healthy. Most importantly: You can make pizza in your home that tastes way better than your ‘average’ pizzeria—seriously! So here is a complete guide on how to get started.” Our man! Take a deep-dish-sized dive in.