OCT 02 2019


An ode to the dining car, liquid metal all the way, and some AI weirdness

Credit: Giacomo Bagnara

A pro-dining-car-on-the-Amtrak essay from a fellow Millennial

“The desire to ‘lure a younger generation of riders,’ cited as part of the reason for the change, is an example of what feels like a message from society to millennials in particular: We’re going to offer less and expect you to get more out of it.” This fella is saying “oh heck no” to Amtrak canceling the dining car, and we think their argument is compelling.

Credit: Katarina Radovic

The cool thing about learning is that it never stops

And if you want to paint a more “three-dimensional picture” of a truth in your mind, you have to “learn” that truth over and over and over again. Read on.

Credit: Tala Safié

Liquid metal is so in right now

Eye on Design’s new series, Spotted, talks all about what’s hot right now in the industry. This installment focuses on all that shiny, goopy goodness we’ve all been seeing. See who’s chrome-crazy.

Credit: Bram Loogman and Pablo Núñez Palma

This bot makes videos about stuff in the news

A big ‘ole film archive plus news articles plus a bot equals some pretty wild videos. Trust us, you’ll want to take a peek (specifically the one about the announcement of Stranger Things 4).

Credit: Generated Media, Inc.

In other scary AI news...

Some of these faces. You just—You’ll never be the same. See for yourself.

Credit: © Hans Eijkelboom/Phaidon

Which brings us to our last point. What is expression? Are we really any different?

The consumer matrix! A false sense of identity! Societal signals! Ah. This photo experiment really got us.