MAY 27 2020


How to replant the Amazon, the deck that sold through NASA’s “worm” logo, and a lovely profile on Steve Buscemi

Credit: Mark Dorf for Silica Magazine

A plan to replant the Amazon

“But amid the charred ruins of one of the largest oxygen-producing environments on the planet, a secret lies buried beneath the soil. A complex network of seeds, scat, fungi and fertilizers are already hard at work creating the next generation of tropical regeneration. We are racing to reverse-engineer the rainforest—and like any half-decent architect, we’re going to have to do it from the ground up.” Enough to make you pay attention? We thought so. Read on.

Credit: Andy Rementer

Routine is to stability like isolation is to stunting the spread of COVID-19

If you can create consistency in your life right now, do so. Here’s an eloquent telling of how routine helps.

Credit: Danne & Blackburn

The OG pitch deck that sold “the worm” through

Danne of Danne & Blackburn showed COLLINS some slides from their original pitch deck to NASA. Yes, you read that right. Click away and throw a small silent party in your head for good design. 

Credit: Thinking Tools

SimsCity but, like...for real

The short version of this story is that, for a brief time in the 90s, the studio behind SimsCity was attempting to use their game to train folks on how to run cities. Don’t believe us? Read for yourself.


An in-depth, interactive look at “a new economic frontier”

How do we solve the generational wealth gap? Pour a generous glass of your favorite beverage, cozy up, and buckle in. This long-read will surely make your head spin.

Credit: Emily Flake

A relateable, honest letter to our quarantine bodies

Emily Flake’s essay on “stupid quarantine bodies” is a friendly reminder—simply, try to be nice to yourself during this.

Credit: Fanny Latour-Lambert

GQ is smashing the profile game—this time, featuring Steve Buscemi

There are few things I love more than a well-written profile. This one is sweet and captivating and if you want something to read that’s nice and longer-form but not too long, look no further.