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APRIL 13, 2021


This week, we’re grateful that everything seems to be in bloom. Oh, and all of the incredible reads below—not to mention a fresh new case study and an inclusion in Monotype’s 2021 Type Trend Report! Catch you on the flip-side, friends.


Links That Kept Us Reading

Credit: Illustration by Elena Lacey
If you read anything this Tuesday, read this piece titled My Dream of the Great Unbundling. “...I said that there’s no next big thing. But deep in my soft, uncynical heart, where I keep my most embarrassing predictions, I do know what it is. The next big thing is us. Just plain old people. Humans using language. Humans accepting limits. I can’t help you turn it into Q4 results. I don’t know how to invest in it, nor who should run the conference series. Nor could I tell you who should host the podcast. I just know that it’s got to be our turn. I love technology, but this is faith.”
Run, don’t walk, to order your copy of Two Beats Ahead: What Musical Minds Teach Us About Innovation—a collection of interviews with some of the nation’s top musicians and business leaders about how they approach their creative practices unconventionally. Expect an exploration of the interplay between design and music (and the argument that iteration and remixing is essential to both).
Not in a reading mood but still wanna invest some time into learning something new? Check out The Science of SEO with Dr. Thomas Anthony on
Check out the beautiful branding for Both&, a transmasculine and non-binary fashion brand filling a gaping void in the fashion industry.
Charlie Warzel writes for the New Yorker, “our lives are cyclical—so why not think of them that way?” Okay, I lied. If you read anything this Tuesday, it should be the first article shared and this one!

Featured Project: Grand Rapids Art Museum

The iconic Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM) in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is the first LEED Certified art museum in the world, and home to over 5,000 artifacts in collections spanning from the Renaissance to Modern Art. Much more than a museum, GRAM is a hub for a variety of educational programming and creative events that connect people from across the greater Grand Rapids community through art, creativity, and design.

We were invited by GRAM to design a rich digital experience that embodies the welcoming, accessible nature of its physical space and programming. Starting with target audience needs and journeys, we collaborated closely with the their team to design a user-focused, content-first experience that invites all visitors to easily explore what GRAM has to offer.

News: Monotype Studio features Wilder Fields in its 2021 Type Trends Report

We’re thrilled to share that Monotype Studio has included our work for Wilder Fields in their sought-after 2021 Type Trends Report!

This year’s report “[examines] the movements shaping the creative community, informing branding and driving design today and into the future.”

The Wilder Fields typographic system—and more specifically, the logotype—is noted as turning away from the over-tidiness of geometric sans-serifs in favor of leaning into an authentic brand voice. Equipped with calligraphic impressions and an organic spirit, Monotype says that Wilder Fields is evidence of type becoming more human, warm, touchable, and celebratory of contrast.
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