APRIL 15 2020


How Rush designed pandemic solutions, gifts from the Letterform Archive, and a guided ecotherapeutic meditation

Credit: The Washington Post

How design helped prepare Rush

“As [Chicago] braces for April 20, the anticipated peak of coronavirus infections here, doctors and nurses at Rush University Medical Center say they are prepared, not just because of their training, but because of where they work: A 14-story, 830,000-square-foot facility built specifically for a deadly pandemic.” A truly fascinating design story. Read on.

Credit: Illustration by Frank Okay

Punkin Donuts forever

Where did Chicago punks hang out in the late 80s? Well, Dunkin Donuts, of course. Intrigued? Give this long-form feature by Leor Galil a-go.

Credit: Online Archive

A beautiful gift from the Letterform Archive

“Radical accessibility is central to the Archive’s mission. It’s with that spirit that we are digitally capturing as much of our collection as possible. This first offering represents nearly 1,500 highlights of the over 60,000 objects housed at the Archive, but the range of items, all captured with our high-fidelity imaging, offer a sense of what it’s like to visit the Archive in person.” You’ll wanna carve out a nice chunk of time to go through all these beautiful images, friends.

Credit: Álvaro Palma

Nothing’s ever been more endearing than “Postcards from Quarantine”

Oh, to travel across your hall to the kitchen. These fun illustrations don’t necessarily cure anyone’s wanderlust, but they do make us feel more together.

Credit: Kids Creative Agency

Miss your office?

Closest thing we can give you’s sounds.

Credit: The New York Times

We deserve this guided meditation

That tension in your shoulders, that always-furrowed brow. Give it a break. Thanks, NYT.

Credit: Angelo Pennetta

Okay, I mean. Anything about Brian Eno is worth the read

Apartamento interviewed this gem of a human about “all the things we don’t have to do as artists and those we should do as citizens of planet earth.” Cozy up. Take your time with this one.