MAY 29 2019


A House Industries workshop giveaway, Medium’s new design blog, and how Lil Nas X took a meme up the charts

Credit: Epic

Epic’s Spring Showcase can’t be missed

Epic empowers creative people to make social change happen in Chicago. Their party on June 3rd at Revolution Brewing will celebrate 8 weeks of creatives collaborating to make an impact on local nonprofits, and we’ll for sure be there. Will you?

Credit: House Industries

A pretty sick giveaway is happening right now...enter to get your screen print on

Andy Cruz of House Industries is coming to Chicago to talk about and sign his new book, but word on the street is AIGA Chicago is giving away 1 SEAT for the House Screen Printing Master Class on June 15. Head over to their Instagram to enter!

Credit: Medium

Brand new design blog? *drops everything to read for hours*

Modus wants to “create a place where designers can read high-quality, practical, thought-provoking pieces that will help them be better at their craft.” Sounds pretty rad to us. Head over to their page and read on.

Credit: HeeJae Kim, Zone Out S1

Try not to smile at these. We dare you

“Like most,” HeeJae Kim tells ItsNiceThat, “I’m drawn to projects that allow creative freedom.” For HeeJae, this means a significant amount of effort put into personal projects. As he puts it: “They possess the most opportunity for fun and growth. It’s a challenge of self-initiative and commitment and provides a break where the client is you and you’re focusing on self-growth.” Ah. He just gets it.

Credit: Nielsen Norman Group

Are video games and websites that different?

The smarties over at Nielsen wrote out how the 10 Usability Heuristics can be applied to video games...and now all we want to do is design video games.

Credit: Getty Images

From Tik Tok meme to #1 on the Billboard charts

We love a good internet joke. We also love blurred genre lines. Get an inside look at how Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road shot up the charts.