SEPT 04 2019


Uncertainty is good, Stephen King is scared, and the design challenge in all of our fridges

Credit: Beth Holzer

A philosophical reminder to revel in uncertainty

“Chaos theory tells us that even when something does obey rigid rules, it may still be unpredictable. Quantum theory tells us that deep down at its smallest levels, the universe is inherently unpredictable. Uncertainty isn’t just a sign of human ignorance; it’s what the world is made of.” Huh. Hopefully you all find this oddly soothing on this happenin’ Wednesday like I did.

Credit: Krista Schlueter for The New York Times

The man, the myth, the legend on how life is feeling too much like his books

Stephen King said, “We’re each on our own island, and at the same time sometimes we can yell to each other and get together, and there is that sense of community and empathy...I love that in stories.” Does he love how scary everything’s getting, though? Well, that’s another story.

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Read this and weep—no, really

According to FastCo, the U.S. wastes as much as $218 billion on uneaten food every year when analyzing the entire supply chain, including farming and processing. So what’s the design challenge? Read on.

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Justin Vernon + some sick dev? Dreams

Sorry not sorry—you’re welcome for sharing this gem :~)

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The devil is in the details

Show us your insides, we said. Oogle at the beauty of these guys.

Credit: Left: One World. Right: Nan A. Talese

Too many exciting reads, not enough time

All in favor of a One Weekly book club, say “I.” (No really, we’re looking to read more and this list has proven quite fruitful.)