AUG 14 2019


Too much content, powerful covers, and designing a nutritious diet

Credit: Katharina Brenner

Can we live in the world we’ve designed for ourselves?

“...the fact is, there’s just so much damn content,” Chappell Ellison writes. “Everywhere you turn. It would take you more than 11,000 years to watch Netflix’s current catalog. Buzzfeed reportedly publishes 222 pieces every single day. As Amanda Hess wrote for the New York Times, ‘Movies do not begin and end so much as they loiter on screen. And social media is built for infinite scrolling. Nothing ends anymore, and it’s driving me insane.’” I know I’m just validating this notion, but uh, read on. Really.

Credit: Jon Han

How many end-of-the-world articles are too many?

I invite you to grab your choice drink, buckle up, take a deep breath, then take a gander at this one. Truly food for thought, and dare I say it, strangely comforting?

Credit: John Mavroudis for Time

The power of the cover

“San Francisco-based John Mavroudis, who has created previous typographic covers for Time said of his design: ‘It’s a frightening portrait of a country drowning in gun violence.’” Go on—it's worth taking the time to read why he made the design decisions he did.

Credit: Paul Murray, Steph Davidson and James Singleton

The Impossible Burger: Impossibly great all-around—but is it impossible to find?

Apparently, 30% of the locations where The Impossible Burger is served were out of stock last month. Don’t be plagued by a lack of burg. Find out if you’re in an outage zone, thanks to the fine folks at Bloomberg.

Credit: Nissin

The ramen equivalent of Soylent! Rejoice?

Are you looking for a one-stop-nutrient-shop? Search no further. Introducing the closest you’ll ever get to securing an all-noodle diet. Don’t judge me for being intrigued!