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NOVEMBER 02, 2020


The Weekly on a Monday? Well yes—tomorrow’s no normal Tuesday. We’ll all be OOO to hit the polls and we’d hope you’re planning on doing the same if you haven’t already. In addition our beloved links, we’re sharing some voting information and guidance. See you all on the other side.


Links That Kept Us Reading

Credit: Illustration by Kiel Mutschelknaus
What do the cities we want to live in look like in 100 years? Andrew J. Hawkins writes about our collective, “distinct, interconnected crises” and how our vote can be in favor of a much-need infrastructure revolution.
Lockdown portraits. Yes, it’s a thing. And it’s a great jolt back down to earth. Makes me want to up my Screen Time restrictions on my phone? *Sigh.*
Gamers are making gaming accessible, with or without help. “Players with disabilities and chronic illnesses haven’t waited around for console manufacturers to look their way. Here’s how far [they’ve] come—and how far [they] have to go.”
Here are 10 ways to calm down if you’re feeling the weight of it all lately (especially right now).
John Oliver on the 2020 election is, arguably, a must-watch. Go on—you won’t regret it.


Tomorrow is the day for all of you Weekly readers who haven’t cast their ballots yet. Use the rest of today to get up to speed—make a voting plan, read up on how to hit the polls safely, and get ready to do the dang thing tomorrow. Here’s some help:



Everything you need to vote in Illinois
Chicago voting information
Find your polling place
Tips for voters to reduce spread of COVID-19
ISideWith political parties, candidates, and ballot initiatives quiz
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