JULY 31 2019


We designed a beer label, the internet is making language richer, and two stellar interviews


Featured Project: Sum Saison

We partnered with our friends at Hopewell Brewing Company to both name and design the packaging and promotional material for one of their latest saison beer creations. Pretty dang rad. (Also, holler if you want a 4-pack.)

Credit: Illustration by Erik Carter

Ttyl...i g2g ;( bc writing is harddddd /rant

Are you a “Pre,” “Semi,” “Full,” or “Post,” Internet person? Well, a lot of it has to do with how you write online. Linguists, culturalists, and writers rejoice. This article is a fun one.

Credit: Emily Soto

Incoming: A kick-butt interview with Weiden + Kennedy’s Richard Turley

It’s Nice That: In the design world, as you know, lots of things revolve around Instagram. To take yourself out of it is quite a bold move, isn’t it?

Richard Turley: You do find yourself interwoven into these behaviors that social media pushes us into, around affirmation and needing to get your ego stroked all the time and needing to feel validated by other people’s opinions...Instagram, not that I ever posted much on it, that for me was completely toxic...But the question is, ‘how can you still make work that doesn’t rely on people ‘liking it?’’ That doesn’t require affirmation or being validated by an exterior source? Just doing stuff because I want to do it.

Go on—you know you wanna read more.

Credit: The Recreationalist

Braulio Amado × Outdoor Voices? Count us in

Just a quick 10 things with one of our favorite designers and favorite brands. No big deal.

Credit: The Guardian

A lovely digital design style guide

Scroll and commence drooling.

Credit: Ryan McLeod

All things animation (in ebook form)

Sometimes—and I’d argue frequently—showing is way better than telling. This InVision Animation Handbook does a dang good job pleading that same case. Give it a look.


If you were on Twitter in the past week, you’ve seen Poolside FM

And everyone at the office is a big fan. Talk about a #throwback. Make sure you explore the site, really savor the nostalgia, and turn the volume up—the playlists are *fire.*

Credit: Absurd

How many days until Halloween?

“As 7,000 accidental fires were caused from appliance misuse in the kitchen in the UK last year, the posters by absurd aim to help educate the public on how they can reduce electrical accidents within the home.” Spooky stuff. Lovely, fun ads.