JULY 10 2019


Perfectionism is a curse you can break, how we developed a sense of morality, and cool code

Credit: Rose Wong

Listen up, perfectionists

You can’t make something if you’re paralyzed by trying to make it perfect on the first go. Tim Herrera gives the masses some tips, and trust us, they’ve been helping. Read on.

Credit: Javier Zarracina/Vox

Ah yes, teach us more about how consciousness works

To feel complex emotions is a special mammal capability. How did we, as a species, develop our sense of morality? Love me a good mid-week meta article. Prepare to fall pretty deep into this rabbit hole.

Credit: The Mind Map

Mental health is important and should be talked about. The Mind Map agrees

Founder of Liverpool-based The Mind Map Phillip Bridges “tells It’s Nice That that the project is born of his own direct experiences in the area: ‘I experienced quite a bit of OCD and anxiety as a young person—but attending a suburban comp in the 90s, it wasn’t really recognised,’ he says. ‘Once I got treatment as an adult, I started to think about how I could align my writing background with a desire to help young people access mental health services.’”

Credit: Jhey

Windows Pipes, anyone?

A true throwback. How lovely. See how by checking that sweet, sweet code.

Credit: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) Photograph: Jason Shulman courtesy the artist and Cob Gallery

Have you ever wondered what an entire movie looked like in one single shot?

Jason Shulman is doin’ some pretty cool work. His photographs of entire movies (we’re talkin’ real long exposures) spit out rad impressionist pieces. See the slew of movies he’s shot and dream of having a massive print of one in your home like I am.