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MARCH 30, 2021


We missed you all last week! But alas—we promise our brief hiatus was fruitful. In addition to a short-but-potent link-list, we’ve gathered 67 local AAPI businesses and makers to support now and forever. Did we miss someone? Reply to this mailer and fill us in!


Links That Kept Us Reading

Credit: FastCompany
3 design-led ways to support the AAPI community, featuring Eileen Tjan from Other Studio’s AAPI Love Taste Bud t-shirt—a garment that supports the AAPI Community Fund and raises awareness for over 100 AAPI-owned restaurants. Eileen says, “Clothing can be a conversation starter, and having conversations is one easy (and common) way to engage, learn, understand, share, and heal with another person during this difficult time.” Pre-orders for the shirt have closed but read on to find other ways to engage.
What if Clippy was your life coach? “Immersive theater group Future Proof’s new dating sim PSweet is set inside a Microsoft Office-esque world, and it’s every bit as odd and amazing as you’d imagine.”
Research commissioned by If You Could Jobs finds that most people would look for another job if their employer asked them to go in full-time, and that junior staff were more negatively impacted by working from home. Dive in.
Artist and musician Michelle Zauner—otherwise known as Japanese Breakfast—is “working the pain away”—with her newest album and memoir fully embracing joy in every form.
In another data visualization feat, The Pudding illustrates how the names fo 6,816 complexion products can reveal bias in beauty. Spend some time with this one!

One Design Recommendations: Local AAPI Businesses and Makers Guide

Local AAPI businesses, makers, cultural centers, and more deserve celebration and support, always—but right now, that’s especially true.

In collaboration with our Asian American colleagues, we’ve created a a studio-curated collection of Chicago-area businesses, organizations, and makers. Join us in supporting them now and well into the future.

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