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MAY 03, 2022


Welcome to May, the month where showers are supposed to disappear. More importantly, May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month—expect to see ways to support and engage the AAPI community throughout the next few weeks. We’re also excited to give you all a deep dive into our work for Double Rainbow Biosciences below. So much good news. Enjoy!


Links That Kept Us Reading

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In collaboration with our Asian American colleagues, we compiled a studio-curated collection of Chicago-area businesses, organizations, and makers to support—this month and well beyond it. From mutual aid organizations to small businesses and restaurants around the city, take a look and engage.
A key message of Studio Ghibli is that we must respect nature—or face our own destruction. Rediscover the wonder of nature with these films.
Building Ligatures: The Power of Type is a must-read for progressive typography fans. PRINT Magazine explains why.
Avi Mamenko created the The Owen Wilson Wow API and we think your life will be better because of it.
GT Planar dropped from the notoriously brillant Grilli Type and if you haven’t experienced the typeface in action yet, trust us. Play around.
Breaking the fourth wall here to make a confession. I've become a bit of a Marvel fan—and before you throw tomatoes at me, here me out. Have you seen Moon Knight yet? This profile on Oscar Issac might convince you to give it a watch and join me in my newfound acceptance of this wild world. That is all.
Who needs words when you have symbols? Elizabeth Goodspeed gifted AIGA Eye on Design with another psudo-trend report, this time on how the typeface Nouveau Rebus is bringing back dingbats and glyphs one DTC branding project at a time.
Do you know about of have heard about the creator economy? Nadia Asparouhova has some thoughts on what it means to be a “creator.” Read on.

Featured Project: Double Rainbow Biosciences

Double Rainbow Biosciences seeks to harness 500 million years of natural evolution to uncover, through bioengineering, the keys to improve the quality of human health while ensuring our planet’s sustainability.

We worked with the biotech startup—founded by Jing-Ke Weng of the Whitehead Institute—to craft a sophisticated brand strategy and identity that breathes life into the team’s vision, as they moved out of stealth and onto the national stage.
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