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JANUARY 12, 2021


That first week of the new year for the books. We hope you’ve been staying healthy, safe, and have found ways to rest. If not, don’t fret—check our beloved link list and featured post for a little help on the “take care” front.


Links That Kept Us Reading

Credit: The Creative Independent
The Creative Independent’s Brandon Stosuy spoke with Chicago-based musician, producer, and artist Lilli West about letting things go, learning positivity, and embracing the opportunity to reset. Read this in full, and then bookmark it so you can revisit it with ease. Too good.
You’ve probably heard—Burger King has re-branded. So much of it makes us very happy. Bye bye, “blanding.” See for yourself!
If you're somehow struggling to find something to watch (or you’re a word-nerd like most of us at One), dive into History of Swear Words—a six-part comedy series where Nicolas Cage educates you in expletives.
Lastly, but certainly not least: did you know you can group your tabs in Google Chrome? Life, changed.

How We’re Keeping It Sunny

Credit: Kelly Knaga
Positivity is a tricky thing. But it (continutes to) feels super relevant right now.

The state of the world, our communities, and our industry is in flux—and the unpredictability of tomorrow’s potential outcomes is heavy. But the folks at our (still virtual) studio have almost instinctively decided that celebrating the small stuff—sharing pictures of flowers from our daily walks, recommending new books to read, retelling the silly stories our kids are thinking up—is the breath of fresh air everyone needs right now.
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