APRIL 08 2020


Zoom is all the rage, “the worm” has returned, and a personality test to shape what you watch (or rewatch) next

Credit: Ringer illustration

Which Zoom-er are you?

“Are you an Unmuted Multitasker or a Cross-Talk Screamer?” Can you be both? Give this one a read to figure out which Zoom persona you’ve taken on over the last few weeks.

Credit: Illustrations by Qiong Li

Share far and wide

The Creative Independent has a handful of really incredible guides, but this one takes the cake. Take a deep breath and dive in.

Credit: NASA

We’re sure you’ve heard: “The worm” is back!

“Created by the firm of Danne & Blackburn and officially introduced in 1975, [the worm] featured a simple, red unique type style of the word NASA...In 1992, the 1970s brand was retired—except on clothing and other souvenir items - in favor of the original late 1950s graphic. Until today. The worm is back. And just in time to mark the return of human spaceflight on American rockets from American soil.” Freaking out like we are? Cool. Take your time with the guidelines and consider ordering this book.

Credit: Sabrina Siegel

This Chicago illustrator is slinging $10 portraits

“My goal is to make art that initiates a pause and, hopefully, allows people to feel understood,” Siegel tells Cool Hunting. “I’m a pretty internal person..I challenge myself to elicit a certain level of vulnerability in my artwork...Plus, I get through things with humor and sarcasm, and I naturally project that into my artwork.” Girl, you’re tellin’ us. Read more, see those sweet illos, and submit to have one made for yourself!

Credit: Google

Take these technical writing classes

Product managers and software engineers, rejoice.

Credit: Hannah Jacobs and Animade: The A-Z of AI by Google and the Oxford Internet Institute

AI in it’s simplest explainable form

“This A-Z guide offers a series of simple, bite-sized explainers to help anyone understand what AI is, how it works and how it’s changing the world around us.” Adorable and informative. Count us in.

Credit: Nick Rissmeyer

Yes, another personality test, but we promise this one is the most fun

I won’t lie. I'm embarrassed about my results. Does that mean they were accurate? Probably. But if I had to pick my dream combo of what ranked high? A blend of Rachel Menken, Sal Romano, Leslie Knope, and Carrie Bradshaw.

Credit: Between Art & Quarantine

The Getty wants you to recreate famous works of art with supplies from around your home

But seriously, if you're going to use toilet paper to do better reuse it.

Credit: Courtesy of Sean Griffin

An ode to Zoom (yes, really) and the absolute coolness of the moon

“On Tuesday night, performing arts institutions in Chicago and Los Angeles will sponsor Full Pink Moon, a production of The Lunar Opera, in the unlikeliest of venues: a Zoom video conference. It will be the opera’s first large-scale public performance since 2000.” Read about how you can attend and mark your dang calendars!