JUNE 12 2019


A Q&A with Andy Cruz of House Industries, Queering The Map, and what even is a copywriter?

Credit: House Industries

In Conversation with Andy Cruz of House Industries

Extending our conversations about curiosity and process post-Unread, The Curiosity Issue (plus Andy Cruz of House Industries being one of our design heroes), we jumped on the opportunity to sponsor his AIGA Chicago lecture about his newest book, The Process Is The Inspiration. Before the event tomorrow, we spoke with him about building out a successful business, how personal passions can turn professional, and the power of being inherently inquisitive. Give it a read.

Credit: Queering The Map

Happy Pride—celebrate by geo-mapping your queer experiences

“As queer life becomes increasingly less centered around specific neighborhoods...notions of ‘queer spaces’ become more abstract...The intent of the Queering the Map project is to collectively document the spaces that hold queer memory, from park benches to parking garages, to mark moments of queerness wherever they occur.” We’ve really enjoyed reading this community-generated map—and you will too.

Credit: Jason Leung on Unsplash

Are you a copywriter? Or a content writer? The difference, explained

Storyteller. Creative. Space-filler. Writer. Conceptual content person. Who even are we? Clare Barry writes through every copywriter’s title conundrum.

Credit: MCA Chicago

Virgil Abloh’s Figures Of Speech at the MCA is up and a stunner

Figures Of Speech is a deep-dive look into “Abloh’s creative process and collaborative work across the different worlds he moves in.” Catch it at the MCA while it’s still exhibiting—and as a preview, drool over these images of the show.

Credit: Dalsukh Tapaniya

Color theory in UI, anyone?

If you think “choosing colors for the UI depends mostly on the taste and sense of beauty of the designer,” you may be surprised to find that it’s way more nuanced than that. Dalsukh Tapaniya takes a deep dive—go on, learn more.

Credit: Ana Galvañ

This reading list is such a sweet start-of-summer gift

Picture this. You walk to the lake, pop a squat on a cute picnic blanket, whip out some iced coffee, and just read. It is, in fact, possible—thanks to The New Yorker.

Credit: Charlotte Mei and Chris Harnan

Okay, don’t make fun of me—I’ve never seen Lord Of The Rings...

...but hear me out. I’ve already planned a watching marathon, and this adorable magazine just convinced me that giving L.O.T.R. a-go is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Don’t miss out on this one.