JUNE 10 2020


Breaking the usual Weekly conventions to bring you a handful of relevant tools, learnings, and ways to act in service of supporting Black folks

Credit: It’s Nice That

Dozens of initiatives dedicated to combating the lack of diversity in the creative industries

Click for a list of job and creative funding opportunities; opportunities for learning; networks, platforms and publications; and mentorship programs.

Credit: Westend61/Getty Images, Softulka/iStock

The the future of business is Black-centered design

“Dismantling the New Jim Code—as with the political and social strategies that Blacks leveraged to combat Jim Crow laws—requires new design perspectives and power paradigms. It requires Black-Centered Design.” Read on.

Credit: Maurice Cherry

Sit with the question and reflect on it

Maurice originally gave this presentation at SXSW Interactive on March 14, 2015. Five years later, it is still relevant. Watch, listen, reflect...and then do something.

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If you must post protest photos, protect protestors

“Protesters have faced both unprecedented police violence and surveillance...But in the past week, developers have rushed to build apps and tools that let protesters scrub hidden metadata from their photos, and mask or blur faces to prevent facial recognition systems from identifying protesters.” If you’re protesting and documenting it, learn how to keep your fellow protestors safe.

Credit: Kate Huyett

In a position of power and privilege? Donate your time and make change

Kate Huyett, CMO of Bombas, started a Google Sheets document for people in positions of power to raise a hand and pay it forward to Black individuals in the form of mentorship and accessible job listings. Send this to your coworkers and studio leaders, asking them to add their names!