JULY 22, 2020


Good/bad coping mechanisms, the longest cave coded, mouthwatering illustrations

Credit: Anne Helen Petersen

On our COVID coping mechanisms

“With that said: there are probably some behaviors or patterns that you’ve fallen into that make you feel shitty and/or actively make your situation harder. You don’t like them but inertia is a bitch and you’re too exhausted to deal with them. Bt now’s the time to see those things clearly—and figure out if it’s possible to change them before they just become the established backdrop of your life.” A cathartic read, I promise you that.

Credit: Annika Hansteen-Izora

An interview with the Creative director of Ethel’s Club, Somewhere Good, and Form No Form

“Design is a tool for experimenting. Design is a tool for play...Design, in an industry sense, is so often informed by a euro-centric design canon. I wanted to question how the creative direction here could be a direct act against that.” Another very important conversation from The Creative Independent.

Credit: The New York Times Magazine

Behind the Cover: Why Covid-19 Is Winning

The power of photography, storytelling, and graphic design, materialized. Well worth the watch.

Photo Illustration by Claire L. Evans. Photo illustration. Photos: Tennessee Virtual Archive; Mammoth Cave National Park/Facebook

A cartographer’s uncovering of one of her maps coded in video game format

Cozy up. Pour some tea (morning readers) or something brown on the rocks (night readers). This long-read will make your head spin a bit.

Credit: Danny Lyon—Magnum Photos

A word from John Lewis

“I think often about ‘young John Lewis,’” John Lewis told TIME Magazine in February. “Today, I would tell him, ‘You got out there. You pushed and you pulled. You helped lead a movement to make things better for this generation and for generations yet unborn.’ I come in contact with a lot of young people, a lot of young children. These kids are so smart and so gifted—if we had been that smart and that gifted, we would be much farther down the road. We have come far since there, but there is still such a distance to travel.”

Credit: Zena Kay

A visual refresher. Summer, forever

There’s nothing more luxurious than thinking about cooking a meal and sharing the table with those you love. For illustrator Zena Kay, she’s turned food into a multi-faceted creative endeavor. Tonight, dream of these illustrations. I know I will.