MAR 18 2020


Well-designed infographics, resources to help us all get through this, and some light goodness

Credit: Breathwrk

Let’s start off with this, shall we?

It’s been a week since our last newsletter, and boy—has a lot of news happened. We don’t want to speak for you, fine reader friends. But we’re doing our damndest to stay calm and adapt. Breathing helps, and so many digital resources have been recommended to us. So please, do breathe with us.

Credit: AIGA Chicago

No information overload—just the essentials

AIGA Chicago has outlined the best virus update resources. Information from from the proper folks is the way to go (not to say to disengage from Twitter, know).

Credit: Sara Andreasson

Creativity during COVID-19

It’s Nice That shared “some of the best creative reactions to the current crisis, from messages of support to new funds helping those affected and projects to work on from home.” FWIW, they made us smile.

Credit: The Washington Post

You’ve most likely seen this, but it’s worth the share (again and again and again)

Math (not prophecy) visualized. Animated and interactive, even. This is what we’d call A+++ journalism and graphic design. Thank you, WaPo, for showing the masses how exactly they can “flatten the curve.” Show everyone you know!

Credit: Rifke

Quarantine ideas (to have and to share)

Rifke has made this lovely site of ideas, tips, and an opportunity to share your own. Dive in.

Credit: Deanna Dikeman

Maybe we shouldn’t say this one is “just for fun,” but it is moving

As a creative bunch, we all have unique ways of committing places and people we love to memory. Deanna’s was snapping pictures of her parents on their driveway in Sioux City, Iowa as they waved her goodbye. What she was left with is quite the family photo album—and a bunch of my tears.

Ending with a smile seems necessary, too

Our Design Director David Sieren told all of us yesterday to take care of ourselves and try to separate from the stress for a moment—in whatever way that makes sense to each of us. That we’re all in this together. So here’s proof that happy hour can still happen virtually...and that we’re beyond lucky to have this community.