JUNE 19 2019


Ask better questions, A.I. influencers are taking over, and big-name cross-industry collaborations

Credit: Image of Nontsikelelo Mutiti by Katharina Brenner

On asking better questions and interrogating the Euro-centric design canon

“Navigating terrains of locality, culture, and history is central to [Zimbabwe-born interdisciplinary artist and educator Nontsikelelo Mutiti’s] work, and she’s acutely observant of the layers that mitigate how we view both design and education,” AIGA Eye on Design writes. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on this interview.

Credit: Elena Lacey

A look behind Libra

Move over, other digital currencies. There’s (about to be) a new crypto in town. Learn about Libra’s origins, who the folks behind it are, and much more.

Credit: #ShowYourStripes

Visualize global warming wherever you are

The stripes above illustrate the annual average temperatures for Illinois from 1895-2018 using data from NOAA. Not a good look. See elsewhere’s stripes and share yours to continue the discussion around environmental awareness.

Credit: Balmain

We really, really don’t feel good about this

Account Executive at Spool Kaitlyn Fitzpatrick sent this over my way, and we both agree: AI-influencers are “grab some popcorn, cuddle up and peek through your eyes” scary. Right?

Credit: Julien Lanoo/Vitra

Virgil just keeps the good news comin’

“...The objects are meant to be seen through the lens of a contemporary teenager who grew up surrounded by beautiful design, then remade the classics as his own decades from today. They are meant to invoke a certain déjà vu—they are familiar because we’ve all seen them—but they have been remixed by a future society that sees fewer boundaries between creative mediums.” Ugh. Swoon. See the three remixed items for yourself.

Credit: Sandrina Pereira

This still image doesn’t do this code justice

It’s Wednesday. Need help calming your breathing? Take a look at this little ditty.

Credit: Uniqlo

So, Peter Saville designed a line of gymwear for Uniqlo

Thoughts? Our office is pretty divided. Favorite commentary I’ve heard thus far: “Or, just wear plain Uniqlo shirts to work out in and get stains on them like me!”

Credit: Open Culture

This video almost prompted our creative director to up and move to Germany...

...which is fair because we too wish we were students in this class. Give the video a watch—we’re sure this group of first graders will make you smile.