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OCTOBER 20, 2020


Yes, it’s true—we are also Zoom’d-out, bracing for Winter’s impact, and trying to find ways to hit a metaphorical “refresh” on our lives. Here’s what we’ve been reading as guidance, plus new work on a waterfront destination in Boston. Full steam ahead.

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Links That Kept Us Reading

Credit: Samuel J. May on Twitter
@sjmay92 capitalized on the scary holiday that’s swifty approaching, this meme, and...well...general circumstances to produce this winner. Still laughing. (And if you need more, the thread is pretty great too.)
Scientists built a fuel cell out of spinach. Two things: More reason to eat more leafy greens? I mean, wow. And this makes us even more pumped to share our case study for Wilder Fields. Keep an eye out for that soon.
What can Scandinavians teach us about winter? “In the pandemic, rather than feeling depressed that the arrival of cold weather will mean you’ll be isolated indoors, try adopting a positive winter mind-set.”
Need help beating Zoom fatigue? Here’s a handy guide. We’re in this together, friends.
*Breaks fourth-wall* Hi, Bianca here. Big Timothée Chalamet fan. But that’s only part of the reason why you should read this GQ feature on the actor. The other reasons become clear as you dive in. So, go on.


Micro-conversations spotlight the unique perspectives of our team members through splices of candid chats—reflecting the spirit, story, and point-of-view of all the voices of our studio.


“It’s so much work being a single dog dad. Cats are easy, man. A new baby kitten is no work at all. A new baby dog is so much work. It’s insane.

Especially, my puppy—she’s the fastest one at the dog park every time, doing zoomies anytime she meets someone. It’s been really fun. And really exhausting.

Every time we would go hiking, I would give her the up command to jump up on a boulder or a tree and take her picture. I would reward her for doing it. Then by the fourth hike, she was literally on top of every boulder looking at me and like, “Is this a treat rock? Is this a treat rock? Yeah. I would like my treat now.”

It’s just funny to watch her little brain tick. She’s my little hiking buddy. I love it.”
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