MAY 06 2020


Positivity prevails here, submit to the @_powersof6, and a proper send-off to Denver for our own Michael Ramuta

Credit: Kelly Knaga

How we’re keeping it sunny

We’ll come right out and acknowledge our collective elephant in the room. The state of the world, our communities, and our industry is in flux—and the unpredictability of tomorrow’s potential outcomes is heavy. But the folks here at our (now virtual) studio have almost instinctively decided that celebrating the small stuff is the breath of fresh air everyone needs right now.

Submit to the @_powersof6 project to impact the essential practice of social distancing

6 feet apart or 6 feet under. While many are responsibly distancing, there continue to be those who seem either indifferent or invulnerable. Writer Donna Speigel and designer Rick Valicenti launched Powers of 6 with a call to action—an invitation to submit a graphic design interpreting and displaying the exact phrase: 6 feet apart or 6 feet under. All designers at any level in their career are welcome and encouraged to submit their work using #powersofsix. So, friends, get submittin’.

Credit: Threadless

Help support artists and essential workers with these face masks

Threadless released a set of artist-designed face masks, with a portion of proceeds going to MedShare, a nonprofit that delivers medical supplies to communities in need. If you’re looking for a face-covering—search no further.

Credit: Casey Chin

Cancel Twitter, ressurect blogs?

My whole being seemed to instinctually avoid Twitter when our health crisis ramped up. Casey Chin for Wired thinks that the whole platform is becoming an even bigger black hole for users, writing that “to ensure readers get the latest, best information on Covid-19, pandemic experts need to go back to the early days of Web 2.0.” Bring blogs back? We could be into it. Read on.

Credit: V. Polite

Get your coloring on

V. Polite paired up with designers and illustrators to create a poster series on life in quarantine. The 13 posters can be downloaded and printed at home. Plus, all the proceeds go to UNICEF. Enjoy!

Credit: &Walsh

Quarantine emojis for designers

I won’t say much about this other should download them.

Credit: pattern.css

Why be plain when you can be patterned?

“A CSS only library to fill your empty background with beautiful patterns.” Thank you, Jiten Bansal.

Credit: A24

Step right up and purchase your A24 favorites

Film-bros, art purveyors, people looking for fun quarantine looks—A24’s auctioning off some of their film’s most iconic trinkets and costumes. The last auction day is May 11. Don’t miss out.

Credit: Michael Ramuta

In honor of our very own Alex Trebek (Michael Ramuta)’s last week in Chicago

Senior Developer at One Michael Ramuta is moving to Denver, and then out west. Lately, every Friday at our virtual happy hour, he hosts Jeopardy with Alex Trabek-like conviction. Along with making dynamite pizzas, solving seemingly impossible technological challenges, and being the coolest, he wrote a guide on moving to Chicago. We’ll miss you IRL, sir. See you on the interwebs.