MAR 25 2020


Some Wednesday morning fiction, we’re grateful for Grimes, and the soothing power of Animal Crossing

Credit: Thomas Albdorf for The New Yorker

A welcomed, well-written distraction

“In a new short story by Kate Folk, a woman decides to get into online dating. But there’s a complication: many of the men on dating apps are fake humans posing as eligible men.” If you need a good laugh, friends.

Credit: The New York Times

We need Grimes now more than ever

We agree with Joe Coscarelli—when the world is in flux and overwhelming, the gift to Earth that is Grimes is most-likely making music about it. Watch the video to hear her detail her process in dealing with...well, all of this.

Credit: Young Studio

A new, indoor to-do list (that’s fun!)

“Manchester-based Young Studio has illustrated a new online guide to indoor activities from Scouts, which features more than 100 free activities, games and craft ideas....#TheGreatIndoors is aimed at families that are stuck inside with limited resources. Many of the suggestions also have an educational element, helping kids build communication skills or learn something new while having some fun.” Send us all your creations, please.

Credit: Figma

Key command magic

Marcin Wichary outlines what happens when you press ⌘B in Figma. Trust us—this one is pretty fascinating.

Credit: VectorMine / Getty Images

Devs against COVID-19

“In a very short period of time, COVID-19 has revealed the limits of the systems we take for granted. The 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge will arm you with resources […] to build open source technology solutions that address three main COVID-19 areas: crisis communication during an emergency, ways to improve remote learning, and how to inspire cooperative local communities,” IBM wrote in a blog post. Anyone want to go in and solve this thing?

Credit: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Okay, yes, Animal Crossing is the perfect video game. There, I said it

There really isn't anything more wholesome and sweet. Fight me on it. I'm newly obsessed and am dedicated to being the best Camp Manager I can possibly be. Click through to read more about the minds behind my newest obsession.