JULY 08 2020


Keeping healthy habits, nurturing junior creatives, and a seven-year-old’s success story

Credit: Jackson Gibbs

Things are looking up as far as our habits go

“Wendy Wood, a professor of psychology and business at the University of Southern California, wrote in her 2019 book, Good Habits, Bad Habits, that ‘major life changes are stressful times full of uncertainty.’ But at the same time, she noted, ‘we are freed up to practice new behaviors without interference from established cues and our habitual responses to them. Discontinuity forces us to think. By making fresh decisions, we act in new ways—ones that may work better for us.’”

Credit: In Plain Sight

Art that literally causes pause and reflection

A group of artists took part in a performance art project called In Plain Sight last weekend, creating messages that were written in the sky above 80 detention centers, immigrant courts, borders, sites of former internment camps, and other landmarks that highlight the nation’s history of incarcerating immigrants. Click through to see more of their work.

Credit: Vishaan Chakrabarti x TED2020

Generousity over austerity

“Cities are engines of culture, commerce, knowledge, and community, but they're also centers of inequality and poverty. As the world rebuilds from the coronavirus pandemic, can we transform cities into bastions of equity and sustainability.” Architect and educator Vishaan Chakrabarti dives in deep. Give this TED Talk a listen.

Credit: Camilo Huinca

On how to support junior creatives

Lucy Bourton asks, “If a junior is helping to achieve your creative vision, the onus is on you to develop them professionally—but what’s the best way to do so?” Read on.

Credit: Deta

Writing prompts from Reddit, delivered in a fun way

If you ever wanted to write your heart out, there’s never been a better time then now

Credit: Yulia Renzikov/Getty Images

Virtual watch parties are all the rage

Because, you know, the pandemic. Stay safe by staying home—here’s a guide on how to binge all your favorite (or soon-to-be-new-favorite) movies.

Credit: Tiger Mushroom Farms

Let’s end on a really lovely note, shall we?

“At just seven years old, Te’Lario Watkins II decided he wanted to start a mushroom farm in his home state of Ohio...What started as a passion project officially became Tiger Mushroom Farms in 2015, and over the past few years the farm has expanded to sell fresh and dried mushrooms at local farmers markets. Watkins even wrote a book based on his experience starting the farm, called Te’Lario’s Amazing Mushroom Farm, encouraging others to “dream big and believe big!” This one is well worth the read.