APRIL 24 2019


Crafting Saint Kate, the women behind Herman Miller, and kids’ dream bedrooms made real


Featured Project: Saint Kate, the Arts Hotel

So...what exactly is an ‘arts hotel?’ And better yet, what is an arts hotel located in the heart of Milwaukee? We’ve spent the better part of a year exploring these questions, in the run-up to the unveiling of Saint Kate, the Arts Hotel. Take a look at the full case study, we promise it’s worth the read.

Credit: Tomoko Miho for Herman Miller. Images courtesy Herman Miller

It’s about time we shine a light on the women behind Herman Miller

“An article published earlier this week on the AIGA’s Eye on Design site, ‘The Lesser-told Stories of the Women Who Shaped Herman Miller,’ surfaces less familiar names Peggy Ann Rohde, Tomoko Miho, Barbara Loveland, and Linda Powell, along with Deborah Sussman, better known for her sizzling graphics for the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.” Allllllll about this, folks.


Magazine nerds, rejoice

This staple fashion and culture publication of the ‘80s and ‘90s has been given new life. Take a sneak peek of its revival before it hits shelves again.

Credit: Dan Wilson

Code that’s larger than life (well, digitally speaking)

Alright, so I’ve finally given all of you a reason to go see a 3D movie. Grab a pair of those glasses and give this code a gander.

Credit: Angie’s List

Remember doodling your dream bedroom? Angie’s List made it real

Well if this ain’t just the best thing EVER. Brb, drawing up my dream bedroom and sending it into Angie’s List.

P.S. Is it bad that I also want Viola from Ukraine’s (whose new bedroom is pictured above) new digs?