MAY 15 2019


A local House Industries event, international students on design education, and a stunning photography set

Credit: House Industries

Come see Andy Cruz of House Industries in June with us

Andy Cruz, founder and creative nerve center of House Industries, is coming to town June 13. His book The Process is the Inspiration, co-authored with longtime conspirators, Rich Roat and Ken Barber, is an honest and personal look at how to turn curiosity into successful work. Plus, JJ Abrams wrote the book’s foreword! We’ll be there to hear him talk and get a book signed. RSVP today, friends.

Credit: SPACE10

Just another call to save the planet! This time, in book form

“A collection of delicious, sustainable and future-proof recipes that set up the perfect menu for better eating, both for ourselves and the planet.” Yeah, thanks, we’ll take one for each member of our team.

Credit: AIGA Eye on Design

International students on design education

“Our graduates enter a world where the globalization of material culture and, specifically, the expectation of conformity built into our digital experiences erodes cultural characteristics. The need to operate both locally and globally forces them to face the challenge of evolving visual forms that can be translated across media, time, and place.” Read more, you won’t regret it.

Credit: enFont Terrible

Playing with this is time well spent, we promise

Ah, yes. Just how I like my type. Random and fun and a little spooky looking.

Credit: Caleb Barclay

A case for motion, always

“By excluding motion from your design system, you potentially weaken its purpose. If designers have the necessary building blocks for everything else but motion, they’ll have no choice but to create ad-hoc pieces that may not fit the rules and style guide that make up the design system.” Take it from Caleb—put those dang systems in motion, folks!

Credit: Lawrence Agyei

The inside scoop on Jamila Woods’s inspiration behind Legacy! Legacy!

“Woods...treats these historical figures not as idols but as artists, for whom existing and creating were acts of subversion, personal salvation, and grace...A native of Chicago [and] also an educator and a poet, she fills her tracks with lessons, affirmations, and resolve; they seem to give a blueprint not just for survival but for well-being.” Get a deep dive behind the tracks (and give them a listen) here.

Credit: Elinor Carucci

A belated Mother’s Day photography set you don’t want to miss

Elinor’s work is utterly moving—this uncensored view of motherhood deserves attention all-year-round. Give it a look, and share the set with everyone you know.