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The Weekly

SEPTEMBER 15, 2020


Shout out to all of you who are sticking around for our newsletter evolution journey. Like most things these days, change is constant. Expect a few more tweaks in the coming weeks (yes, I kept that wording for the rhyme). Thanks for hanging on and moving forward with us. Full steam ahead—

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Links That Kept Us Reading

Longform Editions is our new favorite thing in the whole wide world. This ongoing series creates a space for extended, immersive music pieces from around the world. Enjoy.
Our phones are color-correcting the apocolypse. *Sigh.* Yeah, you read that right.
Here’s a virtual Winamp Skin Museum. “If you didn’t customize your winamp skin, can you really call yourself a designer?”
A robust resources site for early freelancers? Read about how and why Kaushik Murali built Freelancer Resources within one week.
IKEA’s e-commerce was bad pre-COVID. But now? It’s entirely wrecked. FastCompany investigates.

Piece by Piece

Piece by Piece is a series of discipline-specific prompts to spur curiosity and creativity. A call to make, at any fidelity. Although strategy and rationale are critical components of the One Design process, these beginnings are meant to get you inspired enough to just start practicing.

Every Tuesday morning, we’ll share new prompts and ask you to submit your responses by the following Monday through your personal page, tagging #onedesignprompts and @onedesignco. But before we release that new set of prompts, we’ll share a handful of the best submissions in this very newsletter and on our Instagram Stories. Enough talk—let’s get to it.



Design: Design a set of collateral or a social distancing sign for your favorite bar or restaurant you can’t access right now.

Development: Research and document how a request travels from your browser to the server.

Writing: Find an ad in which you love the picture but not the words. Deliver 3 new versions of headline and body copy for this ad. Don’t forget, the pictures and the words need to work together.


Credit: Artist or Source Name
Micro-conversations spotlight the unique perspectives of our team members through splices of candid chats—reflecting the spirit, story, and point-of-view of all the voices of our studio.

Below, Stacey D. (Associate Creative Director) responds to the prompt, “how would you describe joy,” in a conversation with Caitlin and Bianca.


Stacey D. on finding joy in the ebb and flow of it all

Joy to me is accepting and finding some piece of honesty and beauty in any given object or moment or situation. I think that when that’s in hard moments, that’s just being really honest with your emotions—letting go or crying or being vulnerable.

Even just being able to laugh at yourself.

The other day, I was running in the street—and I’m not a runner. I was just staring at the houses in my neighborhood because they’re all so beautiful, and it’s taking my mind off of how hard running really is, and I just felt like, ‘this is so nice.’

Then I fell and tripped on a speed bump—straight laid out in the middle of the street. My hands were covered in blood, but I got up, was kind of ashamed for a second, and then just kept on going.

You know, ‘okay, this is kind of funny.’

‘If that isn’t a metaphor for this moment, I don’t know what is.’

It’s kind of like us deciding to postpone our wedding. We decided to cancel ours before a lot of other couples did—it just felt like the logical thing to do at the time.

We want everybody to be there. We’ve been together for seven years now so what's another year? We’ve lived together for five years. We're committed to each other. This was supposed to be a fun way to celebrate that.

Saturday, August 29 would have been our original wedding date and we probably would have been running around panicking trying to put together the last few details.

But instead, we went to the park where our ceremony will be—put on our rings, threw around a frisbee, drank some champagne out of the glasses we’ll use at our wedding, and buried a bottle of whiskey to dig up next year.

I’m glad we’ve added a memory to the place where we’ll be married next year. It’s going to make that date in 2021 that much more special.

Office Ours: Extended

Credit: Artist or Source Name
Office Ours Extended is a compilation of responses to unanswered questions from the inaugural Office Ours appointment. Throughout the summer, we’ll dive deeper into the values that were discussed throughout the webinar—including the importance of nurturing relationships, being honest and transparent, and prioritizing curiosity to name a few.



To have a place where people feel safe and can thrive is huge. It takes a village to do so. Developing and caring for our culture happens every day, at every level, in every interaction. Our culture is nurtured to grow and mature with us—and we encourage everyone to play a part.