JULY 24 2019


Help fight the climate crisis, Pinterest’s “compassionate search,” and an A.I. moon landing

Credit: Evan Cohen

If you only read one thing in this newsletter this week, have it be this

It’s the wrong time to be paralyzed by the climate crisis, and as a member of the design community, there are plenty of tangible things we can do to help. Naresh Ramchandani helps us navigate what on Earth we can do. Give this guide a go.

Credit: Daniel Leone/Unsplash; NeONBRAND/Unsplash

Freelancing: A graph and a subsequent “how-to”

Huzzah—FastCo wrote a few tips for dealing with the most daunting challenges of freelance life...and honestly, they’re pretty dang relevant even if you aren’t freelancin’. Read them and add those new tools to your toolbelt, friends.

Credit: Pinterest

Pinterest cares about your emotional wellbeing, says their product team

“You [can now] find a dozen exercises created in collaboration with Brainstorm, a mental health innovation lab at Stanford's School of Medicine, and two other mental health organizations. A grid shows options for exercises like ‘refocus your attention’ and ‘recognize your strengths.’ Some, like ‘relax,’ are guided meditations with audio.” Pinterest has coined this new feature “compassionate search.” Not going to lie...I am intrigued.

Credit: The New York TImes

An artificial intelligence celebration for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing

This put a real smile on our faces. Scroll through to see why. Just too cool!

Credit: Taschen

A web experience pre-launch of a print piece about web design ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The synergy—just unbelievable, guys. Give this one a whirl.

Credit: Luke Walker, courtesy of Marlborough

I am a fellow Smith! (For the record, I was not asked to contribute to the gallery.)

“Smith may be among the most common surname in the western world, but there’s nothing generic about the eclectic clique of more than 30 artists who have come together for an unlikely family reunion at London gallery Marlborough.” I’ll be invited to the next one, I’m sure of it.

Credit: Daisie

A new “playground for creative collaboration”

Daisie is a new platform brought to you by actress Maisie Williams where you can grab inspiration, connect with other creatives, and otherwise shoot the sh*t. What do you think? We’re here for all the conversation and idea-sharing.