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DECEMBER 15, 2020


This week’s mailer holds a beautiful blend of year-end pieces that’ll prompt reflection, our work for Sound Agriculture, and information on how to pick up a COGRID-19 Chicago print. Read on—and hey, if you feel so compelled, share your favorite inclusion with a friend or two.


Links That Kept Us Reading

Credit: Squarespace
Browser History is an exhibition celebrating the artists, entrepreneurs, and dreamers who made the best of the worst year. Fun, interactive experience. Great interviews. 12/10 would recommend.
Yes, Balenciaga made a video game. Yes, it’s pretty great. Give it a spin—you deserve it.
Google’s Year in Search shows that 2020 was the year the world asked “why?” Wish we could say we’re surprised...
Enjoy this beautiful profile in Ageist on Sharon Mrozinski where she discusses what it means to really be true to yourself.

News: Helping Sound Agriculture Unleash the Natural Power of Plants

Sound Agriculture uses groundbreaking science and chemistry to create on-demand crop solutions—leading to more sustainable, healthier, and tastier food. What’s even more impressive: they care deeply about scientific excellence and their connection to the grower community.

Following an introduction from our friends at S2G Ventures, we sat down with the Sound team to learn how they plan to create a more sustainable and resilient agricultural system.

COGRID-19 Chicago

Credit: Altan Arceo Witzl, Sam Baliga, Andrea Bell, Candace Carson, Joi Fulton, Antonio Garcia, Remy Glock, Tshab Her, Finn Holtz, Jesse Hora, Carlos Kazyak-Albaladejo, Kelly Knaga, Alyssa Low, Will Miller, Erick Morales, Nermin Moufti, Joe Nelson, Teshika Silver, Dean Sweetnich, and Adele Tamae.
COGRID-19 is a series of risograph prints created to raise money for those most affected by the pandemic.

This project brings together 19 Chicago-based artists—including Associate Creative Director Alyssa Low and Designer Erick Morales of One Design—each contributing to a shared grid that comments on the public health crisis and the racial, political and environmental issues that have overtaken the year 2020. Every penny raised from the sales of the Chicago grid will be donated to Arts for Illinois.
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