MAY 22 2019


CDW gets some Fonts In Use love, Saint Kate lights up, and naming dos and don’ts


Fonts In Use Staff Pick: Chicago Design Week 2018

We designed a campaign for this past year’s Design Week with our friend Chris Malven, and Fonts In Use featured it. Pretty dang cool. Acumin was the most straightforward and unadorned variable typeface we could find that offered the range of proportional shifts we were looking to experiment with. See it in action!

Saint Kate, the Arts Hotel signage is up—showtime is in t-minus two weeks!

Grilli Type’s GT America. A unique, wrapping LED sign that begs the viewer to shift their perspective. Saint Kate preparing to open doors to the public...You know, just a few of our favorite things. (Also, another shout out on Fonts In Use this week. Woo!) Curious? Read more about the work.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The naming Queen’s dos and don’ts

Rebecca Jennings spoke to creative-strategist-with-a-background-in-linguistics Rachel Bernard on “how companies land on names for everything from pants to pizza, how AI is changing the way we name stuff, and why becoming the “Kleenex” of a category is actually a kiss of death.” Color us intrigued.

Credit: Luke & Nik, D’Scene

We are big fans of this analogue photo manipulation

We’ll let the work do the talking. Give it a look.

Credit: Lusion

The animation here is out of this world #dzy

We could scroll around on this site for days. Lots of moments of delight and fun bits of movement. Also: The #dzy hashtag is a motion warning for visuals that might be problematic for people with motion sensitivities.

Credit: The Curious Desk

Yep! We need every single one of these vintage boxes

Do we need to say more? Brb—buying a handful of these for all my desk trinkets.