SEP 11 2019


In Conversation with Armin Vit of UnderConsideration, we named and branded a pizza joint, and we stan Margaret Atwood


In Conversation with Armin Vit of UnderConsideration

Extending our conversations about curiosity and process post-Unread—plus leading up to speaking about Saint Kate at First Round on Friday—it only made sense to chat with Armin Vit of UnderConstruction about his perspective as an individual who created a platform with such prominence in the field of design. Vulnerable and honest answers are guaranteed.

Featured Project: Proof Pizza

An artist proof. A printer’s proof. Proofing dough. Proof Pizza was just as fun to make as it is enjoyable to eat. Read all about this new Milwaukee joint (attached to the one and only Saint Kate) and see the full system on our blog. Cheers!

Credit: Simon Hanselmann

Mental health, addiction, and craft in comic form

“Tasmania-born, Seattle-based [Simon] Hanselmann has made a career out of his particular brand of surrealist, sharp-witted humor; augmented with a darkness that draws from his own deeply personal experiences, but which has clearly touched a helluva lot of people.” Another important interview, folks.

Credit: Portrait of Wes Anderson and Juman Malouf at Kunsthistorisches Museum by Rafaela Proell

Wes Anderson does museums. We’re here for it

537 pieces of art curated by Wes Anderson and Juman Malouf? Sick. Now we all just need tickets to go to the exhibit and our lives will be made.

Credit: Zachariah Reitano

The folks over at Ronan are terribly good sports

The title of this Medium article written by a Ro co-founder is, “On behalf of Hims’ patients, thank you for copying Ro.” Woof. The screengrabs of the copied digital doctor visit portal are unforgiving. See for yourself.

Credit: Death By Modernism

Anyone ask for midcentury modern icons? Nope? No one?

Some things should just be left alone, ‘ya know?

Credit: The Gentlewoman: Issue 20, Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood cannot be stopped

A real writing hero, this one. And now, she’s gracing the cover of the 20th issue of The Gentlewoman? *Swoon.* 

News: One Design a Part of First Round Chicago

Just for good measure (if you skimmed past that first article) we’ll be speaking at First Round this Friday. Get the deets here, folks.