AUGUST 07 2019


Saint Kate is making headlines, brand experiences to the rescue, and designers’ dream shoes

Credit: David Mitchell

The New York Times talkin’ about Saint Kate? Yeah, that happened

“As funding for the arts is always a struggle, some properties have taken to raising contributions in more creative ways. Saint Kate, the Arts Hotel that opened in Milwaukee, Wis., in July, invited local artists to each design and decorate its “Canvas” rooms. Each Canvas room stay has a percentage of proceeds donated to organizations including The Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Artists Working in Education and even a local radio station.” *Proud parent moment* If you haven’t read the case study yet, what’re you waiting for?

Credit: Steve Howe

UX writing: Is it or is it not a bore?

Steve How says that this specific facet of the craft is more like putting a puzzle together than anything else. But does that mean it’s boring? Read his take before you jump to a conclusion.

Credit: Meredith Miotke

Brand experiences are keeping retail alive

The “experience economy” is a real thing, and FastCompany has the receipts to prove it. Take a by-the-numbers look at how retail is investing in “making memories.”

Credit: Karina Yazylyan

Typography for the masses

For those who are merely purveyors of type—not a designer or typographer but are design-adjacent (like myself)—Karina’s perspective and work are quite lovely. Give it a look.

A pointed look at custom cursors

“We had fun adding custom cursors to our 2017 Annual Report, but when we started designing a new site for an existing client, we wanted to see if we could take the custom cursor to a whole different level.” Go on—see how.

Credit: Moses Adesanya (Bauhaus)

Okay, fine, take all of my money

Everything about this makes me happy. Designers who are also sneaker-heads, you’re in luck. Designers who are not sneaker-heads, now you will be.