FEB 26 2020


A bunch of brand new work, when “crisis” isn’t strong enough, and stomaching creative compromise


Featured Project: Mondo

More than merely a brand, Mondo is a movement. Their one-of-a-kind movie and video game themed records, posters, figures, and pins are collected, hoarded, and traded by fans all over the world. With their pop-culture cred set, they needed a partner to bring their story to life on the ecommerce front. Don’t wait—jump on in and read about our work together.

Featured Project: The Ruby Company

Established in 1966, The Ruby Company (formerly Ruby Robinson Produce) is one of the largest suppliers of fresh produce to national and regional grocery chains, restaurants, and distributors across the country. Under the guidance of a new generation of leadership, the company found itself on the cusp of an exciting new era. See how we worked together to lead their team into the future.

Credit: Photograph by Dean Sewell / Sydney Morning Herald / Getty

For the sake of humanity, let’s find the words to make us care

“The reason we find ourselves verging toward planetary extinction is fairly simple: for quite some time, it’s been profitable for humans to behave this way.” Not to totally bum everyone out, but we need to talk about the climate crisis—and we need to find the words to make it stick. Read on.

Credit: The Creative Independent

On “creative compromise and figuring yourself out”

The Creative Independent always puts out masterful conversations with industry folks and beyond—but this one with writer and director Doron Max Hagay was particularly refreshing. Dive in.

Credit: Max Jala

Coding is art and art is coding

“I was actually prepared to drop programming entirely,” Kuala Lumpur-based artist Max Jala told It's Nice That. “It was only later in 2018, a few months after leaving my job, that I discovered generative art and realized that code could be an artistic tool. At that point, it just seemed like a natural fit so I started messing around making small little animations with code.”

Credit: Photo illustration by Drew Litowitz. Photos from Getty Images.

Archy Marshall is influenced by everything

King Krule’s third album Man Alive! is intricate and exploratory, a tapestry woven by seemingly disparate pieces of Archy’s everyday experiences. Here, he details those parts. (Also, if you’re curious, his mother makes some of his clothes and they’re lovely.)

Credit: Flickr user Anne Cloudman

An ode to the OG online marketplace

“In my new book, An Internet for the People, I look at one popular website that has a lot to teach us: Craigslist,” Jessica Lingel writes. “Twenty-five years after its launch, Craigslist is a reminder that the earlier, more democratic version of the internet can still thrive.” *sigh* There will always be a place in my heart for this sweet, sweet site.