MAY 20 2020


Office Ours rocked, we took home a handful of PRINT 2019 RDA awards, and Tony Soprano-approved robes


Missed our Office Ours appointment? Don’t fret

We had so much fun yesterday night with AIGA Chicago and Mig Reyes talkin’ all about the nuts and bolts of how One Design is run. If you missed it, it’s all good. Click on this headline or on this photo and scroll all the way down the page until you hit “past appointments.” There, you’ll find a video to the full webcast. And for you, lucky One Weekly reader, here’s a link to the presentation itself. Cheers!

News: One Design Honored with Five Awards in the PRINT 2019 Regional Design Annual

Our work for Chicago Design Week, AIGA Chicago’s Test Flight, Hopewell Brewing’s Sum Saison, Saint Kate, and Two Lights Seafood and Oyster was recognized among 78 winners from a pool of nearly 3,000 entries. Woah! Learn more here, folks.

Credit: Christophe Gernigon Studio

Are head shields the way back into restaurants post COVID?

Christophe Gernigon seems to think so. I don’t know...I think they’re kind of cute? See for yourself.

Credit: NPS/Matt Turner

Ah, yes! Now I understand. Thanks NPS

Visiting parks (national or otherwise) anytime soon? “[These] posters have an important mission: promote social distancing in parks during the COVID-19 pandemic, reduce the spread of disease in parks, and promote virtual opportunities and experiences at parks.” Indulge yourself and give ‘em a peek.

Credit: Group Font

Different together

“This new rule-breaking typeface is purposely irregular, as each letter and number has been crafted by a different creative—such as Aaron Lowell Denton, Benedikt Luft, Sophy Hollington, Fisk Projects, Gabriel Alcala and Nam Huynh – in keeping with their own unique aesthetic, to ‘bring the diversity of each designer,’” designer Raissa Pardini says of her project Group Font. Very cool.

Credit: Base Design

What’s your mood look like?

Base Design has the tools to help you put it into gradient-form. Have at it.

Credit: GQ

A perfect quarantine profile, courtesy of R.Patz and Zach Baron of GQ

$7,000 shirts. Heinz Baked Beans. Ties wrapped around foreheads. Speaking in incomplete sentences. This profile has it all, and I promise—even if you aren’t as big of a Pattinson fan as I, you will still enjoy this read.

Credit: HBO

Whoever put me incharge of this newsletter...

...must be so happy because, look! A Tony Soprano-inspired “best robes” list. Yeah, it exists. And yeah, it needs to be shared in this digital forum. So pick your favorite, purchase it, put a bowl of ice cream on your stomach, and tell all your friends to subscribe to The Weekly.