Speaker Howell Requests Change to Absentee Ballot Policy!

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Voter Fraud Just Got Easier in Virginia
Dear Friends:
I was informed last night that at the request of Speaker Bill Howell, the State Board of Elections recently decided to allow Virginia voters to apply via the internet with an electronic signature to receive an absentee ballot.  I sent a letter today to the State Board asking them to suspend that decision.
It is my understanding that there are at least 75,000 to 110,000 deceased voters, non-citizens on voter rolls, and Virginia voters on the election rolls of other states.  In light of this, I have serious concerns that this change will compromise the integrity of close elections this year and in other election years.
Information I have indicates that 44,000 Virginia voters were also on Maryland’s voter rolls, and 31,000 were in Social Security files as deceased, with an additional 40-60,000 deceased Virginia voters according to a 2014 finding of the Virginia Voter’s Alliance.
I also learned last year that 9,006 persons were removed from Loudoun County’s jury pool from 2009-14 because they were not citizens, and Norfolk removed 1,223 persons from juries for lack of citizenship in a single year.  Loudoun and Norfolk use registered voter rolls and DMV records for jury selection, and while it is possible that many of those deemed ineligible are from the DMV records there is absolutely nothing guaranteeing that many of them are not also registered voters under Motor Voter. 
Therefore, until such time as the State Board can guarantee that those who are ineligible to vote in Virginia are purged from the voter rolls and greater assurances can be given that voter fraud will not occur as a result of this change, the decision to allow application for absentee ballots via the internet should be suspended. 

If this policy change concerns you as much as it does me, I would like to ask you to contact the State Board of Elections and let them know of your concerns.  You can use the template here or email them at


Thank you for your help!

Delegate Bob Marshall

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