'The Sea Chef' produced in 4K, premiered in Channel 1 of TVE and watched by an average of
 one million viewers in Spain

It is the first documentary series of 13 episodes produced in 4K (Ultra High Definition) which is broadcasted nationwide in Spain.
Teaser 'The Sea Chef', produced in 4K
'The Sea Chef' is a series of 13 episodes of 50 minutes, produced by MedinaMedia4K (Ultra High Definition) , where the chef Ángel León, who has two Michelin Stars, reveals all the secrets of the seafood cuisine captivated last night almost one million viewers in Spain.
This format, which portrays the adventures of the chef at sea and at the kitchen, has already attracted interest in American, Asian and European channel. Every week , the chef Angel León, will sail through different Spanish coast areas to fish the best species in each region and then cook them accompanied by some of the most renowned chefs in Spain. In this way we will know seafood in a close way such as seaweed, plankton, hake, tuna and many others.
Products that will teach us many things and we will prepare in the kitchens of Michelin-starred chefs as Quique Dacosta, Andoni Luis Aduriz and Pepe Solla, among others. In addition we will talk with other internationall renowned Spanish chefs like Ferran Adriá and Juan Mari Arzak, who will accompany us on our journey.

'The Sea Chef' goes through Spanish regions such as the Basque Country, Galicia, Andalusia, Valencia and Catalonia by land, sea and air , with drones and SONY, PANASONIC and GoPro 4K cameras, collecting in pictures all the beauty of the seas and the kitchens all over Spain.
For the first time, TVE (Channel 1), the International Channel and will show the gastronomic secrets of the Spanish coast recorded and edited in 4K Ultra High Definition. Nowadays Medina Media has one of the best 4K units in Europe in Ultra High Definition, whose first productions have been selected by Sony to be displayed on the MIPTV in Cannes among the top 10 in the world.
In the first episode of 'The Sea Chef', Angel Leon travels overseas along the Basque Country, in particular through the spectacular Port of Pasajes, where he will ship to learn the tradicional north fishing.
Out in the open Cantabrian sea he will start preparing two unique recipes: Chicharrones de Morena and Chistorra Marina, which is made with hake.
Back to port, Angel will end these dishes at the Old Town of San Sebastian, in a tavern called "A fuego Negro" (Black Fire), accompanied by the young Basque chef, Edorta Lamo. Furthermore, he will visit the great Juan Mari Arzak, who has spent 25 years with three Michelin stars and they will go together to eat a wide variety of pintxos. Eventually he will end visiting another great chef, Andoni Luis Aduriz, in whose restaurant will prepare a traditional sea soup with the hake caught at the Sea.
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