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The album is finished!
After months of hard work, a last mixing session at Sandlane Studios and mastering at Amsterdam Mastering, the musical part of the album is finished. Needless to say we are very proud of the end result. What's left to do is a last photoshoot, getting the artwork done and pick a release date with our label. Of course we'll let you know as soon as we have that date so you can mark it in your agenda with a big ! 🤟🏼

In the meantime we have started posting clips from the recording - and mixing session on our social media pages. Below you'll find 3 clips for your viewing pleasure. A short clip of the last mixing session with Joost van den Broek at Sandlane and Drum recordings part 1 and 2. Enjoy!

As always, if you scroll down to "If Sanne says so" you can read and see what Sanne is doing. We will add a new piece every time we send out news! 💥


A mixing session at Sandlane recording facilities with @Joost. Check it out!
Setting up the drumkit and Steve talking about his setup. 🤘🏼💥🔥
Drum part 2! 🤘🏼💥🔥

More clips are coming so check our FB page or Igram

If Sanne says so

Dear Nemesea followers and fans, 

You might not believe it, but I am writing you whilst stuck in traffic in Dubai. My brother lives there with his family and this is the first time I had the chance to visit him. 
I am soaking in all the sun I can before I am going back to the rainy Netherlands. 

It was surely mentioned in other Nemesea updates as well but I am so fckn stoked about it that I will say it again: THE ALBUM IS FINISHED! So much blood sweat and tears went into it, you won't believe it. I never thought it would be such a struggle as it was....
I never made a whole album in my life and feel so thankful to have this document, this moment in time captured in songs. 

I am a fearless southern girl with no patience thrown into a bunch of northern pragmatic boys who do not have their heart on their tongue like I do. So it took us a while to find a good creative workflow and my place in the band.The results of that search and those worlds colliding are captured in music on our new album. You will hear the battle and you will be hearing serene peace. 

I think you can totally tell it is a Nemesea album but it I think it is also definitely different than the previous albums. 

Something that makes my heart skip even more beats than the release of the album is the thought of playing it live. On stage is where I am in my element, where I am free, where I am totally in the moment! Getting out there playing is why I started this whole game. 

A couple of weeks ago I went to Münich to make take the photos for the album cover. l cannot tell you guys everything but what I can say is that is was cold, wet, and kinda scary at times...
I haven't seen the final results but cannot wait to hold our new album in my hands. To see the result of these last years; waking up at night to write down that one rhyme you couldn't find all day, recording with an inside temperature of 32 degrees, overheating recording equipment shutting down because of that heat and praying that perfect take was saved when you restart the computer, driving to Sweden for a week to finalize the lyrics. Writing so many lyrics and melodies that got thrown into the bin, driving home with tears in my eyes wondering if this was ever going to be finished, but also that peaceful afternoon in the studio with Mathijs in Zwolle where we finished the last song and looked at each other and knew we found what we were looking for and recorded it in one take and the farts into the talkback microphone I had to endure in Groningen.... After all those tough and glorious moments listening to it with a glass of whiskey in my hand and a proud smile on my face! 

Thanks for being patient, thank you for being such loyal followers sticking around long enough to hear our new album! 


Sanne Sweden writing
More news....


Sanne    HJ    Sonny    Mathijs    Steve

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