Getting giving to be based on sound evidence
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In this round-up:
C&A Foundation tells all the results of a programme, not just the good ones.
Getting donors to give better: University of Chicago and Giving Evidence team up.
Making research by charities more findable and clearer: proposals get positive response and we’re soon piloting them.
Why charities should do fewer evaluations, and how they could be better.
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In other news:

Caroline Fiennes becomes a philanthropy advisor of the year :-)

Article about importance of hearing from people we seek to help
What happens when you ask your MP for more evidence in public policy?
Why good philanthropy uses sound metrics but isn't like Moneyball (in Forbes)
C&A Foundation's Frankly Speaking report

Non-profits often call for more candid accounts of what works and what doesn't, but few publish them. So Giving Evidence is proud to have worked with C&A Foundation to share the full story of its programme in factories in Asia to improve productivity and workers' conditions. Called Frankly Speaking, it isn't a 'failure report' because the programme didn't fail: like most things, it worked in part and not in other parts. We'd happily work with other non-profits to speak frankly of their experiences.
Getting donors to give better

Many donors now know the importance of finding great charities, but the effect of that can be wiped out if they give badly, e.g., if payment is late, or the process arduous. Giving Evidence has teamed up with the University of Chicago Booth School of Business to increase research on giving betterwhat great giving is and how to get people to do it. First, we're writing a white paper, corralling what's known, what isn't, and what would be useful to find out, due to publish in early 2015. More here. If you have relevant data, do share. Second, we'll consult to prioritise research questions, and look to mobilise researchers.
Making charities' research clearer and more findable

Making evidence-based decisions is only possible if the evidence is findable and clear. Caroline explains in this talk why this matters to any donor.

Experts, funders and practitioners in criminal justice agreed almost unanimously that making charities' research (including monitoring and evaluation) to be clearer and more findable would be useful. There was strong support for our suggestions that charities (i) include a little checklist of items in charities' reports of their research and (ii) 'tag' research online with open meta-data to make it more findable. Details are here. We're soon piloting both suggestions. Other sectors are already interested too. If you're interested, get in touch.
Nice interview with Caroline Fiennes by iValua in Barcelona about what evidence is, why it's important, and doesn't focusing on evidence preclude innovation and work with long-term results. (It gets into English after about 45 seconds. And was done in one take, at no notice and with no fore-warning of the questions!).
Great things to do ...

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