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Understanding donors' performance; and unreliable evidence
Effective giving is based on sound evidence
How can donors tell if they're doing well or badly?

Philanthropic donors and foundations are rightly concerned to understand the effect of their work in order to see where and how to improve. Yet identifying and measuring a funder's impact is difficult, and often impossible. Realising the difficulty, many stop trying: a recent study found that one in five measures nothing pertaining to their impact at all.

Giving Evidence's new White Paper shares five tools we've found which successfully help funders to better understand their performance. We work with donors on several of them, and are happy to talk with donors about them.
Do donors rely on unreliable evidence?

"Ask an important question and answer it reliably" is a fundamental tenet of clinical research. But we suspect that much of the information about charities' performance isn't reliable, based on recent studies. We found a charity citing as impact a change which could have been caused by something totally unrelated, and the sole study of charities' research found that much of it is weak. The UK's National Audit Office recently looked at government programmes, and found that claims of strong impact are normally based on weak evaluations. We discussed all this here.

If you're a foundation or major donor and interested in understanding & improving the quality of the research that you commission and use, please get in touch.
Is Sport Relief any good?

Yes. Funds raised by Sport Relief (UK: March 21-23rd) are distributed by Comic Relief which is pretty sensible, as discussed here.

'How to give well': Giving Evidence Director Caroline Fiennes interviewed in Reform Magazine.

Philanthropy in Transition: The Guardian gathered views about the changes in philanthropy from 11 leaders in the field, including Caroline Fiennes.

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