We are embarking on a Centennial in Honor of the founding of the UNIA-ACL, established by the Right Excellent Marcus Mosiah Garvey in July 1914, to foster a “Universal Confraternity” among the Race to work for better conditions among the Race everywhere. 

 Volume 3                                                     February 1, 2014   


February 9, 2014
iThings 2 Collard
Benefit Concert for the
Arts for our children
Girl's Summer 
Enrichment Program
Kingsbury Center
5000 14th Street NW
Washington, DC

February 19, 2014

Historical Black History
PG Senghor Baye
Institute of Karmic
Thurgood Marshall
1816 12th Street, NW
Washington, DC

February 24, 2014

PBS TV Show 
100 Years of Red,
Black, and Green
W/ PG Senghor Baye
and National Black
United Front
 Vice President
Salim Adolfo
Fairfax, VA
12 - 4pm
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Message From UNIA & ACL General Counsel
President General Senghor Jawara Baye

Greetings To You All,

Are you serious about the future of our African Children?

For over ten years Harambee and the UNIA-ACL have perfected a "Race First" internet Radio and TV network.  We have over 42 programmers and a completely well-rounded internet radio service weekdays from 7pm to midnight, providing some of the best information and communications on the internet, accessible around the world on the web.  We have now constructed a network to help and inform our children from an African Centered perspective.  We are seeking those who wish to join the UNIA-ACL teachers and the Harambee children in providing the African Centered Educational Home schooling on-line that we need for our children the world over.  Today we now have no excuses in providing education, information, and direction for our African Children.  Many have access to computers and with this we all can and should utilize this technology effectively to reach children in classrooms, their homes, internet cafes, and however we can.  

Our two live broadcast programs will start on Saturdays this month, February 2014.  The Harambee Children will broadcast their own programs from 10 -11am EST.  From 11am to noon EST, a teacher will instruct, from an African Centered perspective, lessons for our children pre-K to 8th grade to start.  We are also looking for African Centered Educators, DVDs, MP3 files, etc. suitable for upload on the Black Learning Channel's Ning website.  All live audio shows and educational videos for our children shall be archived and available for replay and viewing at any time.  We have an on-demand button in case any of the live shows are missed.  Our archives will have videos, which can be accessed any time as well.

As President General for the UNIA-ACL, Associate Producer of the Black Learning Channel, original founder Radio Host on Harambee, and an Advocate for our Children, I appeal to you to help us provide the best types of education and information our African Children deserve and need.  Each of you know how we have been miseducated and misinformed.

It is easy for us to complain about public, charter, and private schools not teaching our youth properly or providing our rich African history, heritage and culture to our youth.  The time is now for providing alternative solutions, ways, and means.

Our youth deserve the best of our love, sharing, and direction.  They are ready and open to learn and become the best they can be.  This in turn shall help assist us all in making this world a better place.  Please do not take this lightly for with or without you we intend to make the Black Learning Channel as productive and beneficial as the Harambee Radio and TV network has been over the last ten years.

We are looking forward to your cooperation and participation.  We are not asking for any financial contributions, however together is better and all resources we can get will be appreciated and very helpful.  Let us collectively provide as much as we can, as soon as we can.  Our children are waiting on the best from us all.  During this Centennial Year of the UNIA-ACl our members are excited and we want you to be as well.  It is the duty of all of us to provide for our youth.  Whether or not you are active in the UNIA-ACL, you are welcome and needed!  How can you join us?

One God, One Aim, One Destiny,

President General UNIA-ACL/Associate Producer of the Black Learning Channel.

Tune in to The Black Learning Channel on Harambee Radio EVERY Saturday starting February 1, 2014, 10am to 12pm.

Ras Marvin - Commissioner of GA, S. Carolina, and Florida, UNIA ATL Division 421 President
Mary Bota - UNIA-ACL Secretary General
Brenda Dunn-Clayton - 1st Assistant Secretary General
Dr. NaNa Seshibe - Ambassador Azania (South Africa)

Parent Teachers:
Brother Haneef
Sister Ayoko
Ma'at em Maakheru Amen
Yah-I Ausar Amen

Amira Aamon - Station Founder/Producer
Dalani Aamon - Executive Producer
President General Senghor Baye - Associate Producer

Youth Radio Hosts:
Amira Aamon

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Greetings from I-Nia (Reginia) Rogers 
UNIA & ACL General Counsel
Centennial Planning Committee Chair

Greetings!  Welcome to Black History Month 2014, the Year of the UNIA-ACL Centennial.
As we enter into February, the month which is specially set out for the celebration of the achievements and accomplishments of the people of the African Race, I am reminded of Dr. Carter G. Woodson.  Dr. Woodson has been called “The Father of Black History.”  He shared views of racial respect and self-reliance with the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey. 
It was back in 1926, when Dr. Woodson made the following statement: 
"If a race has no history, it has no worthwhile tradition, it becomes a negligible factor in the thought of the world, and it stands in danger of being exterminated.  The American Indian left no continuous record.  He did not appreciate the value of tradition and where is he today?"  [From Journal of the Negro World]
Dr. Woodson started Black History Week in 1926 and it would be almost 50 more years before Black History Month would be “officially” established and recognized.
Since the onset of white and European domination on African soil, we have had those who distorted history.  Following this, there were “historians” who studied the past by only examining and analyzing written documents of what people had written about past events.  Therefore, we had before us these altered historical “facts” and we therefore were left to believe the distorted recitations about ourselves and our people.  But, because of the work of Dr. Woodson and others who have continued to study the past with a commitment to the truth, we have discovered and continue to discover the facts about the glorious and illustrious history of us as a People!  These true historians have reclaimed true history through research and factual accounting. 
The UNIA-ACL in its celebration of the 100 years of its existence is dedicated to encouraging the coordinated teaching of the history of Africans from the beginning of world civilization through the present.  The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey was dedicated to the re-education of people of African ancestry so that we as a nation of people wherever located would work towards conserving the rights of our noble race, rights which Mr. Garvey saw violated wherever he traveled.  And, in the violation of those rights, Mr. Garvey saw the whole of “his people” oppressed, weak, confused and discontented.  Mr. Garvey was passionate about ensuring that people of the African ancestry were not a “negligible factor in the thought of the world”.   
It was during this same time that Dr. Woodson stated:
       " . . . if you can make a man believe that he is justly an outcast, you don’t have to order him to the back door, he will go to the back door on his own and if there is no back door, the very nature of the man will demand that you build one."
Mr. Garvey, through the UNIA-ACL, worked for the general uplifting of us as a people so that we would cease demanding that back door.  Mr. Garvey wanted us to know and believe with certainty that we had a just and rightful place at the front door.  History shows that Mr. Garvey established traditions, procedure, protocol and policy.  He established components of the UNIA-ACL which would guarantee a successful government:  the Universal African Legion, a paramilitary group, the African Black Cross Nurses, African Black Cross Society, the Universal African Motor Corps, the Black Eagle Flying Corps, the Black Star Steamship Line, the Black Cross Trading and Navigation Corporation and the Negro Factories Corporation.
Black History and education was and continues to be a key component to the work of Mr. Garvey and the UNIA-ACL.  We encourage you all to join us in Harlem, New York from August 14 – 17, 2014, in order to celebrate the history of the greatest mass movement ever for people of African ancestry.  This will be a HISTORICAL event like none other!  Come and join us and participate in this history!!
This is your chance to pledge yourself to do all in your power to rehabilitate and rebirth the dreams of the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey – to make EVERY day a Black History Day!  We are headed towards making a renaissance for all people of African ancestry, towards returning to a glorious history for another 100 years and beyond – a history that contributes to justice for all in the tradition of the UNIA-ACL under One God, One Aim, One Destiny!!! 


Dr. L. Akilah Karima McDaniel, UNIA-ACL Member 

A Centennial Article Contribution for The Universal Negro Improvement Association – African Communities League (UNIA-ACL) ©January 2014 

Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr. (1887-1970) was a Jamaican political leader, publisher, journalist, entrepreneur, and orator who was a staunch proponent of the Black nationalism and Pan-Africanism movements, to which end he founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association & African Communities League (UNIA-ACL).  Garvey advanced a Pan-African philosophy which inspired a global mass movement, known as Garveyism.  Garveyism would eventually inspire others, from the Nation of Islam to the Rastafari movement.  The diverse followers of the race enveloped the motto regardless of religious, social or political affiliations and together affirm . . . “One God, One Aim, One Destiny!”

Let us explore the motivating force of the visionary that served as an engine to reach the masses via organizational divisions (definition of division: the act of separating or splitting something into parts to be shared among people or groups; the division of the region into smaller administrative districts; the division of work among members of the group; a disagreement or strong difference of opinion, especially when this leads to a split in a group; a section of a large organization that has a specific task or function; group of teams of similar standards as in league, conference or association; army unit – military, a self-contained military unit capable of sustained operations, including a headquarters and two or more brigades; government unit – public administration, a small unit of government; administrative area – public administration, an area administered by a particular government unit; Botany- splitting of roots for propagation, separating the root mass of a perennial plant into smaller pieces that are used to grow new plants.) Consideration should be given to be called a UNIT and not a DIVISION.  This may assist in transforming mindsets when progression is on the table and ready to be served to bring social justice and change to a race in totality locally and globally. 

How progressive an organized body is functioning is determined and defined by how well the individuals participating, no matter of their tenure in membership, but how well they comprehend the foundational purpose of which it was created, which is another whole vibration. 

The Universal Negro Improvement Association – African Communities League (UNIA-ACL) as we know today, is alive and doing well.  The question is how well?  Has the organized government touched or stimulated a great percentage of the existing black race and it is now 2014?  Has the UNIA-ACL become complacent within their “UNIT(S).”of which I will refer to from here on instead of the word “division,” which the spirit/energy of the word has dominated the original vibration of the organization more in an adverse way, contributing to separation of purpose and self-individualization of goals within are being engineered and the masses are not being reached.  The masses referred to the black race outside of the organized body.  How effective is UNIA-ACL if we are not educating the masses outside of the fraternal organization in the vibration of the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey?  Has UNIA-ACL become complacent within its own family ties?  The number is great of us who are not yet found to be in the fold or even have a clue of the fold’s existence.  It is time to Unite (UNIT) and not just amongst the membership but make a public and social action showing throughout the years and not just at convention time. 

Surely, many activities, meetings, etc. are being implemented but are the masses being reached?  Why is the original vibration of the visionary not being applied in this time and it is the Centennial moment?  Has the outreach tapped into the High Schools, Colleges & Universities (especially our Historical Black Colleges & Universities – HBCU’s), Churches, National Pan-Hellenic Council of Black Fraternity & Sororities (regardless of ones point of view or lack of knowledge), and other institutions?  Yes, let’s give credit and acknowledgement to those who have already put this in motion BUT more focus needs to be on a “Reach the Masses Campaign.”  UNIA-ACL vibrational sound is too quiet and can be “turned up.”  The campaign must begin now via television, open forums, radio, etc.  Operationally, it has been staggering its potential when one looks at the number who has not ever heard of this government for our race.  It is time to “Turn It Up!”  It is a new year and surely a centennial moment that will be earmarked. 

Ask one self, is UNIA-ACL existing only in number in its familiar spaces while the rest of the race goes free, yet lost because of little or no exposure?  Is UNIA-ACL pulling the blinders off of those who have eyes yet cannot see and opening the deaf ears that have ears yet cannot hear because of the spiritual dynamics that has occurred amongst our race over beyond the years of inception? Will UNIA-ACL be the liberators, the saviors, the emancipators of this new era or be another segregated organization amongst the race?   
My personal expressed conversations are these facts:  I do not recall seeing or hearing about the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey or UNIA-ACL as a youth growing up in a small town- York, Pennsylvania; I remember seeing the black national flag and hearing the Black National Anthem during the civil rights movement as a youth then living in Washington, DC before my parents moved to the suburbs of Prince Georges County, MD sometime after the riots as a pre-teen.  There was no conversation about the Black Panthers; Nation of Islam; Black Power chants and fists in the air; Daddy Grace; the colors red-black-green flags, patches, dashikis; Malcom X; MLK, Jr.; Riots and curfews, etc.  White teachers were scared, my parents were doing their best BUT were not sharing what was going on with conviction about these groups but did share in the concept of Black Power but their conversation was not informative about specific groups because they didn’t know or were fearful as many were then and are now.  Their conversation was always to stand up and speak up and especially to anyone who wanted to violate my posture as being Black and a Black female, so I have held fast to that if nothing else.  The rest came to me as I had subconsciously then held all these timeline factors in question to why I experienced so much tragedy, social change, turmoil, demands for civil rights and social justice.  I remember having to make sense of it all. As time moved forward, and I go away to college, I do not as a student of an HBCU (Morgan State University, Baltimore MD) recall any movement or discussion on campus about Marcus Garvey, UNIA-ACL, etc.  I will say, Kwanzaa was introduced to me one year but the particular group called the Umoja House was very secluded to campus life although they would be visible with their African clothing and wraps, etc. but the support towards them was not as it should have been.  The HBCU-black students needed to be educated.  If so, Kwanzaa would have been a major practice then but time has graced my alma mater whereas, awareness is much better but still not like it should.  Many students were like me, we had a veil over our eyes and ears.  Not the veil that protected our spirituality but the veil that was meant to keep us in the dark or the unknown.  Education camouflaged the reality but it eventually opened our senses when the warriors would rise up in a classroom and community to bring salvation to us who were hungering and thirsting after truth.  The real deal and blessing was the subconscious was being stirred and the conscious began to speak and call forth.  TRUTH was there all the time, patient and ready to awaken a generation that was fighting to stay alive.  I am a survivor and I give thanks and now I AM and it takes us to reach out once we have reached in, within one self.  Be true to one self then TRUTH will reach others and not be harnessed amongst the shared comfort zone. 

Too much emphasis was and is being placed on trying to keep self-separatism from those who are not looking like or sharing certain affiliation’s philosophies but it is time that we combine the philosophies of our forefathers, Marcus Garvey – Booker T. Washington – W.E.B. DuBois, because they each planted seeds for the BLACK RACE to work as tools in any given situation that arises because we are still in America and I am reminded that it takes every piece of the pie to make the whole. It is the time to implement one’s UNIA-ACL affiliation in a way that one is not seen as an individual but as UNIA-ACL. If the individual is committed and embracing the Mission Statement.  One becomes the organization because it is what one brings to the table of UNIA-ACL which is for the good of the RACE, not self-satisfaction or egotistical measures.  In these times, one cannot take a portion of what has been given and not use the other because the very tool not being used is being used against the one standing in contemplation.  I have been taught to use what you have, it is like the “stone soup” story, everything thing was added to the pot but it started out with a stone to make a pot of soup.  What is one bringing to the pot of UNIA-ACL to make a WE effort or will it remain as Divisions or Units, slaying the leviathan spirit that is rooted deep around the plumb line of the organization?  Create and expedite “Reach the Masses Campaign” and watch the UNIA-ACL rise in every area of its existence, not in membership only but in integrity, spiritually, politically, social activism and educationally.  UNIA-ACL is depending on each one to keep this movement alive.  Yes, it takes money to meet the logistic needs but first it takes willingness and sincere commitment to extend the message of UNIA-ACL to the masses and not just to a few.  When this has been done, then one let the Truth rest where it may and then individuals that was brought to the awareness of it all like me, they will then have to make their own decision to respond in consciousness or remain asleep. Education and Training is on the top of the focus point list.  What is everyone waiting on?  The WE is only as strong as each individual does their part. 

I am reminded of the mission statement which clearly states that the Universal Negro Improvement Association & African Communities League is a provisional government lead by a spiritual ruling governing body that is established for the purpose of the general uplift of the Black Race.  In keeping with this purpose, UNIA-ACL goals involve activities aimed at relieving the sufferings of the Black Race by including the following, the eight (8) focus points: 1) Education, 2) Nutrition & Healthcare, 3) Housing, 4) Arts & Humanities, 5) Agronomy, 6) Building & Trades, 7) Manufacturing and 8) Economic Development. 
The Universal Negro Improvement Association & African Communities’ League is a social, humanitarian, charitable, educational, institutional, constructive, spiritually governing ruling body and is founded by persons who desired to the utmost, to work for the general uplift of the Black people of the world.  The members pledge (commit- dedicates) themselves to do all in their power to conserve the rights of their noble race and to respect the rights of all mankind, believing always in the Brotherhood of Man and the Fatherhood of God Almighty.  UNIA-ACL is not a religion but it encompasses spiritual people within the race who may be or may not be affiliated with religions and are able to embrace the common goal of the organization to be found noteworthy of celebrating its 100th, a notable and honorable Centennial that is 
esteeming the founding vision and work of Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr. born August 17, 1887, a social activist, self-educated and an advocate of economic freedom for blacks, a proponent for Black Nationalism & Pan-Africanism and his legacy will live on through U, US, WE.  Again, it is time to “Turn it Up”. 



Up You Mighty Race….
One God, One Aim, One Destiny! 


Excerpt from "The Negro's Greatest Enemy," Marcus Garvey's explanation for the origin of the name of the UNIA-ACL:  Written as a autobiographical statement while Mr. Garvey was incarcerated in the Tombs Prison in New York City.

"Where did the name of the organization come from?  It was while speaking to a West Indian Negro who was a passenger with me from Southampton, who was returning home to the West Indies from Basutoland with his Basuto wife, that I further learned of the horrors of native life in Africa.  He related to me in conversation such horrible and pitable tales that my heart bled within me.  Retiring from the conversation to my cabin, all day and the following night I pondered over the subject matter of that conversation, and at midnight, lying flat on my back, the vision and thought came to me that I should name the organization the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities (Imperial) League.  Such a name I thought would embrace the purpose of all black humanity.  Thus to the world a name was born, a movement created, and a man became known." 


AUGUST 14-17, 2014 


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