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Dearest  Friend 

Trust you are doing well wherever this season finds you.
I've recently been reminded of a poem I wrote about 3 years ago now about CHANGE and how change is constant, but more importantly how change has a purpose in our lives. Feel free to read it here. As I read it again just yesterday it spoke to me about trusting the Lord in new seasons, holding loosely to what we have and where we are, knowing He is ahead of us in every season, this one and the next. 

At the end of my Teaching  Practical I made a social media post about 10 lessons I learnt in 10 weeks, and would love to share these with you. Each lesson is connected to a story, an encounter, a moment with a child during those weeks. 
  1. Kids are kids….no matter where you are
  2. Where there are people, there is drama & politics 
  3. Kids crave attention - they just want to be seen & heard 
  4. By the age of 5yrs a child can be very broken
  5. Kids are explorers; they desire to learn
  6. Teachers are very powerful influencers in the lives of their students
  7. Shouting at a child breaks their confidence, especially when done publicly
  8. Bullies are often times brats (not always)
  9. When a young child wants to express deep appreciation or love, there are 2 ways they do this. Either they hug you to death, or they give you some personal belonging that has great value to them (example: sweets, toys, their money or as simple as a colour marker). Just take it…it means the world to them, for you to have it. 
  10. I’d make a great teacher!
You may have guessed, or maybe not :) ...but I feel a strong calling to go into TEACHING full-time. I have fought the Lord on this idea, and tried to convince myself maybe later, but not now. As time passed over these past 2 months, I just cannot deny the strong conviction in my heart that this is what I need to do, and how it has awakened my heart. 

I don't have anything figured out yet. I have no idea where I will land up, since teaching opens a world of options in location. I am staying wide open and willing to consider a wide scope of places. Will I stay in Swaziland (or rather eSwatini)? Will I teach in South Africa? Will be land up overseas somewhere? Any and all of these are real options and I will explore them all. 

I am STILL with Children's Cup and still pouring out into all areas entrusted to me. I will be diligent in this until it is time to say goodbye. My initial thought is to finish up end of 2019, but since I do not know where I will land, I may need a few months to sort life & living arrangements and all that entails. I am looking at finishing on the field end of October 2019. 

As one of my donors, whether monthly or periodically, YOUR SUPPORT and PRAYERS mean so much and have carried me through almost 6 years in the mission field. WOW...can you believe end of this year will be 6 years from when I first started fundraising for this amazing call. 
Your continued support through this transition time is critical in helping me end strong as well as in assisting me to establish a new normal, a new home and all this next season holds for me. I would so appreciate if your financial support could continue until end of January 2020. That would allow me 3 months to establish myself in a new season of life. 
I am nervously excited, anxiously anticipating all that lies ahead of me. Your PRAYERS are appreciated as I trust His leading in this next step.

Ministry continues and God is doing great things! 
With almost 2 months back in the office, there is great momentum and progress being made at our Test-sites as we keep improving our programs. We have put together a pilot plan for our new Educational Program which we will begin to test starting in July. 
Besides for all the great ministry taking place, the American summer is upon us with an influx of teams coming to support the work we are doing here in eSwatini. 
Please know that your LOVE and friendship means so much to me. Even though we may not talk often, I always remember you with JOY in my heart, knowing our lives crossed paths with His plan in mind, and your love encourages me immensely. 

THANK YOU for being a part of my journey, for being part of HIS story and for your generosity in love, friendship and support towards me. 

Much love, always 

P.S. If you have any leads for Teaching posts, feel free to pass them my way ;) 
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