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November is a month we think about how to be a conscious consumer.  So we have curated a few articles about what it means to be an ethical shopper and added a few craft tutorials to get us out of the buying habit as we approach the holiday season.   

In this issue, you will find our Fashion Impacts Challenge: REwear clothing, an announcement about our Youth Ambassador Program, industry news, some sew & no sew craft tutorials, as well as classroom tools!   

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Fashion Impacts -Virtual- Challenge: REwear

Join our Virtual Sustainable Clothing Challenge 2020-21

We are becoming more aware of fashion's dirty secrets BUT what can we do about it?  Well, the FIC: REwear campaign was born to restyle the way we think about fashion.  We still believe fashion is FUN, STYLISH & COOL but we need to learn how to wear our clothes in a sustainable way because what we wear matters!  This sustainable fashion challenge will introduce students to the 3 most common Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle in a creative style that will ignite their passion to become conscious consumers.  

How to participate  - it's easy!
  • Participate in FUN school wide virtual clothing challenge(s) 
  • Join us for monthly online webinars on the impact of fast fashion 
  • Access to our digital workshop so students can learn ways to reduce their fashion footprint - @home repurpose activities, closet audit, lesson units
  • Student leadership opportunities that engage & show measurable results of their hard efforts
Let's start your sustainable fashion 2020-21 resolution today!

Student Activism - FTA Youth Ambassador

Become a FTA Youth Ambassador!

COVID-19 Join our Youth Ambassador program!  If you're ready to commit your time, energy, and love to helping others embrace a sustainable fashion lifestyle.  By joining our program, you get to be a part of a sustainable fashion community and make connections with like-minded advocates around the world.  Ambassadors will engage their neighbourhoods in thoughtful conversations about the social and environmental impacts of the fashion industry.

How to join? Send an email to

Fashion News

What We Are Reading...

Here are a few industry news articles that have caught our attention lately...

4 Ways You Can Shop Ethically Now - TeenVogue, September 2020
When it comes to shopping ethically, many of us used to think that asking 'where was this made? had us covered.  It's clear now with racial injustice #blacklivesmatter, and and social injustice #gotransparent that we are only scratching the surface of what it means to make considered purchases. 

Meet Fashion Act Now - Fashion Revolution, October 2020
Meet It feels as if fashion is finally taking sustainability seriously.  Look deeper, however, and the figures say something different Fashion consumption is predicted to grow by 63% over the next decade.  

Conscious Chatter - iTunes
Is a podcast committed to discussing sustainable fashion, style and the global garment supply chain.  Hosted by Kestrel Jenkins, an advocate for sustainable and ethical fashion.  It's about cultivating conversation and asking tough questions.     

Classroom Tools

A few craft ideas, videos & a fashion calculator to share!

What makes a good shopper in 2020?  Someone who gets informed! Here are a few tools that will help you and your students become informed about fashion's footprint and how we can make changes to build in sustainable choices to our closets in a meaningful way that matches our values.  

ThredUp Fashion Calculator
Changing how you buy and care for your clothes makes a bigger environmental impact than you might think! 

Follow The Thread  - Why We Need Transparency in our Supply Chain
This one minute cartoon video takes you along the journey of how are garments are made.  As we follow the thread we learn about the social & environmental impacts.  

No Sew Sock Puppet & Glove Monsters (requires a needle & thread)
A few simple crafts to make with socks & gloves.  Are you wondering what to do with that one sock or glove that you can't find a purpose for.  Turn it into something by up-cycling with these simple sew & no sew crafts!

Upcoming Events & Campaigns

November 28, 2020 - Buy Nothing Day 
Buy Nothing Day in Canada is an international day of protest against overconsumption.  65 countries now participate in this event and it was started by a Canadian, Ted Dave. 

December 5, 2020 - Youth Climate Action Day
On Climate Action Day you can come together for action if you feel concerned about climate change and global injustice: tree planting, up-cycling, whatever is on your mind.. 

December 2, 2020 - Int'l Day of Abolition of Slavery 
The Int'l Day for the Abolition of Slavery, focus on eradicating contemporary forms of slavery, such as trafficking in persons, child labour, forced marriage and more.

Let's Keep the Conversation Going!

Our workshops educate students [grades 5+] on the social & environmental impacts of the global fashion industry - wear your values!  Through participation in a variety of engaging activities (role play, games, art projects), students will develop a better understanding of what it means to be an ethical & green consumer.  And learn that their voice can make a positive change. 

Contact us at!

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