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Thoughts on the elections

Commonsense Doesn't Always Prevail. 

Commonsense tells me that alleged woman beaters and pedophiles should not get elected to office. Apparently, the #metoo movement wasn’t meant for democrats. Commonsense tells me violence and bullying should never get anyone elected. Screaming families out of restaurants, beating kids wearing MAGA hats, and Antifa riots are now winning strategies. Commonsense tells me Socialists should not get elected in America. The Left-Inside Out Project has won the takeover of the Democrat party by the Communist/Socialist factions and subsequently, the continued takeover of our schools and our youth.

Commonsense tells me that an AG who states publically that she will shred the Constitution of the US and Michigan on a daily basis should never get elected. It would seem some voters don’t care about due process or the rights of those with whom they disagree. Commonsense tells me that promising to raise taxes on some to pay for the wants and desires of others shouldn’t be the way into the Governor’s mansion. We’ve now heard from a majority of voters who believe it is ok to steal from those who work to give to those who don’t, for things they may not truly need. 

Commonsense tells me that “America Was Never Great” should never be a winning slogan.

Commonsense doesn’t always prevail.

We lost seats we didn’t think we could, but we also won seats we didn’t count on. We lost on the MI Congressional and Senate side, but we maintained majorities on the MI State legislative side. We still hold the County, but only barely. It's politics. That’s how it works.

As Republicans, we won’t resort to chasing people out of restaurants or wishing death to those with whom we disagree. We won’t riot in the streets nor will we have screaming parties and wailing sessions.  What we will do is what has to be done. We need to come back to the table, study where and what happened, what we did right, where we went wrong. Learn how to improve the strengths and repair the weaknesses, and make plans for tomorrow. We can’t do it as a fractured party. We can’t get bogged down in the blame game but we should look realistically and pragmatically with an eye on the future. We need to come together, prop each other up, and lead the way to repair our communities and our party.

Let it start now. Let it start here. 

Mari-Ann Henry
President of GOGOP

Please pick up any Republican signs you see on the roadways. Those on private property should be left.

You can then take those signs to the Offices of Mat Dunaskiss and leave them behind his building. Please sort them by the candidate and leave in a very neatly stacked pile. The address is 169 W Clarkston Rd, Lake Orion, MI 48362. A map can be found here.
 Thank you Mat and Dunaskiss Consulting for allowing us to use your building. 

In keeping with the promise of learning where to go from here, we must look at how we got there.

On August 13, 2019, at the GOGOP General meeting, we will discuss with Professor David Dulio where, how and why we got to this place in time. Its the first step in any change. As we've heard from Professor Dulio in the past, we know his discussion will be honest, insightful, and entertaining. Come join us. Canterbury Village, 7:00 pm. Hope to see you there! 

2018 GOGOP Board of Directors

Mari-Ann Henry

VP, Political Activities
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Al Hassinger

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Ross Ensign
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Joel King

VP, Membership
Theresa Fiorani

Lori Ann Fisher

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