A health themed newsletter on the power of the placebo, the controversy about Morgellons syndrome, and a treatment for chronic migraine using Botox®.
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Are you sitting comfortably?  
Placebos that work even when you know you're taking them, the controversial rediscovery of a  17th century disease,
and how Botox
® can banish migraine 

We all think we know about the placebo effect but what do you know about nocebos? Dr Sarah Norman discusses how one in fifty of us suffer from migraine, but how many have heard about treatment with beta-blockers and Botox®?    All that, and the condition that links 17th century polymath Sir Thomas Browne and Joni Mitchell
"I have got a thing
that's unique and new
to prove it I'll have
the last laugh on you"
Can a disease be real
and imaginary?
Are you an extrovert with expensive taste?  Congratulations, your placebo will work better.
More people suffer from migraine thadiabetes, epilepsy and asthma - combined 

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